What if the Creators of "Dark Souls" Developed a Mario Game?

Fans figure out what horrors From Software would unleash upon Mario fans

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Godmars2902469d ago

Since when does Dark Souls have game breaking bugs?

Though admittedly, I've only played Demon's Souls.

DragonKnight2469d ago

There are no game breaking bugs, but were a few game breaking exploits. The dragon's head stone exploit allowed for the infinite usage of any consumable items. Meaning if you found a soul item like the ones worth 20K souls and used the exploit, you could rack up the billions of souls needed to get to max level in about an hour. It involved the same method as the running firestorm glitch in Demons' Souls. The exploit also allowed you to use things like poison knives infinite, so you'd become a machinegun of poison knives, trapping any enemies in permanent stunlock and ensuring you couldn't possibly lose a PvP.

Then there was the Stone Guardian Sword/Crystal Magic Weapon exploit which was far worse than the previous one I mentioned. To do this, you would use the special ability of the Stone Guardian Sword immediately while casting Crystal Magic Weapon by way of a glitch involving what's known as swap casting, where you begin casting one spell but immediately switch to another. This glitch made an area of effect Tranquil Walk of Peace miracle (which forces you to move as though you're overencumbered) that also drained a portion of your HP per second based on how high the casters magic was. So you couldn't run away from it, and your life would be gone in mere seconds.

Thankfully, From Software patched both exploits out.

dinkeldinkse2468d ago

There is no gamebreaking bugs that won't let you proceed to the next area.