BioWare Openly Lies To Customers, From Ashes In Base Game; Fixes To Use 360 Controller

Gatt - GamerX: Content not started on development till after core game finished? That’s what Bioware said; So it turns out they were lying. The method of obtaining the character is in a link below, but how could they lie blatantly like that? (If you are not clear they said that the game was sent to certification which means they can add NOTHING on disc. They then claim that the DLC was made by a different studio and thus couldn’t be included in the disc. Clearly that is wrong noted in the video above.) Read more to learn how to use your 360 controller as it should have been in the first place.

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badz1492440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

so...them lying about DLC is not really surprising! it's to be expected actually!

Simon_Brezhnev2440d ago

Yep they did lie about that damn ending.

ziggurcat2440d ago

... except hacking the code to unlock a *character* model in the PC =/= the content was already on the disc. that would only be true if the mission(s), etc... were on the disc as well. which they aren't.

i'm not a huge fan of bioware (in fact i think that they should just stop making games for the PS3 altogether because they've yet to show any level of competency when coding for that system), but this is nothing more than an overreaction by a bunch of irrational, knee-jerk reactionaries.

denero12440d ago

It proves the dlc was made within a time frame that it could have been included in the disc

egidem2440d ago

morganfell on another N4G story posted this picture that sums up pretty much how the gaming industry is today:

humbleopinion2440d ago

ziggurcat got it right.
It makes sense that the character model is on the Disc, since they might want to reserve the option to use it in multiplayer without requiring everyone to download it.
The DLC mission however is not available on the disc, so this article is misleading and should be downvoted.

What's worse is the claim in this article that you can "use your 360 controller as it should have been in the first place", but then only point to a neogaf thread that shows you how to emulate keyboard/mouse with the gamepad. This is actually a worse experience and has nothing to do with how the game really works with a controller.

This is a miserable attempt for hits and this awful site should be banned from N4G

JeffGUNZ2440d ago

Exactly, of course they have the character code in the game, you can bring him along in regular SP missions, so they have to code him into the disk. The mission to get him is DLC and not on the disk. People just look for things to cry about.

susanto12282440d ago

Excuses, excuses, excuses...Bioware / how the mighty have fallen from grace.

hazelamy2440d ago

biowhore more like.

because that's what they are now.