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PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Not Forgotten About

If you own a Vita, you may be forgiven for thinking that the rather nifty AR feature has been forgotten about. Well worry no more. At GDC last week, there was some footage of the range of possibilities at hand with the Vita. (Game Developers Conference, PS Vita)

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FrankDrebin  +   1211d ago
I'd like to see more uses.
MasFlowKiller  +   1211d ago
Imagine this with near where people can leave virtual items in the real world using the GPS and this tech and games have to go out and find them
Chapulin  +   1211d ago
I just want that Dragon game.
spicelicka  +   1210d ago
yeaa omggg that looked awesome
Tristanh82  +   1210d ago
Now imagine this 5 years down the track. in your back yard( if your lucky it snows there) but its not a dragon your fighting but the battle of hoth and your Luke and your flying a T-47 airspeeder by movent of your legs.
krisq  +   1210d ago
Very impressive.
ninjahunter  +   1210d ago
I would like to see this advance, its very good as far as potential, Just think, maby some 3rd party glasses with a cam on them, throw your vita in your pocket, instantly you could have hundereds of notes about things, you could write down the specs to a specific guitar, could post dates on your fridge, could have that virtual cat you never had as a child.
Ron_Danger  +   1210d ago
Ha! One person went through and disagreed with all the comments!
Ron_Danger  +   1210d ago
I'll throw this out there...

Have Valve make an AR Portal for the Vita

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