Slightly Mad Studios teases a new country circuit; incoming Lamborghini and Ferrari cars?

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier yesterday, we presented you some teasing shots of a supposedly new circuit for Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming community-based racing game. Well, the company has released some new teasers of another country circuit."

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aaaaaaaaa2441d ago

Still looks like the trees need a bit more work so do the rock faces apart from that I am looking forward to this game. I am just hoping I do not get bitten twice (shift 2)

hiredhelp2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

hmmm you dont understand m8 this alpha build by comming apart of the members you get to test these tracks car's join forums give your feed back make this game better.

i have played this game many times i am a member also witch can start as little as 10 €

its very much worth it theres no mp as yet. But when it does this game gonna kick off big time.

if you join up you will like what you see if you running a half decent card you truly understand why this game has a fanbase dx 9 and dx 11 fully supported
360 controller keyboard mouse, and many seering wheels..