There’s a Fan Campaign to Change the Ending of Mass Effect 3

Kotaku writes: "there's a particularly amusing poll out there, gathering 20,000 votes, demanding BioWare change the ending to Mass Effect 3. We've had our tips jar blown up with links to this movement. I have no idea where to begin with this."

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LOGICWINS2265d ago

Be careful what you wish for. EA might take notice and find a way to make the new ending paid DLC..just like Arrival. This was probably the plan all along.

egidem2265d ago

They could. Either way, this whole debacle of the DLC is a nightmare for their PR department - they got what they asked for.

jony_dols2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Broken Steel was a great addition to Fallout 3 (and that continued on the main storyline, after we were led to believe that our character supposedly died).

Bioware said (prior to release) that they have something special planned for the DLC in ME3, so an extension to the game's ending is plausible. Especially to anyone who has seen ME3's hardest-to-get ending.

EVILDEAD3602265d ago

Not fans..Fankiddies just like the Metacritic lames who complained day one without playing one second of the game.

Who cares? As a real fan I absolutely love this game..just played till 5 in the morning and had to pull myself away


Neo Nugget2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I'm gonna laugh if we get a new "Alternate Ending" DLC pack.

And by laugh, of course I mean cry.

Legionaire20052265d ago

Or they could do worst just like Capcom, and give us Mass Effect 3: The Ultimate Edition with 5 more hours of gameplay and a alternate ending. All for $40 bucks!!! Just like Capcom did with Street Fighter and many of their games. Its like there gamers problem solved!!!

PixL2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I don't understand. What's wrong with the ending of ME3? I thought it was a bit too much mainstream and lacked surprise but in a way it reminded me of Deus Ex. But that's the way they thought it'd be right. I was satisfied with my choice and it ended alright for me. Where does all this bitching come from? Don't they have other games to play?

Simon_Brezhnev2265d ago

Probably because you work so hard in the past 3 games just to build relationships and keep them alive. Then you get that POS ending basically saying no matter what your choices are its still the same.

cogniveritas2264d ago

Although I was really disappointed in the way it ends, or ways it could end, maybe that was part of the point. No matter what choices you made, the ending was just a matter of inevitability and that there are forces in the universe that are just bigger than the great Commander Shepherd that would force him/her down to the very same options in the end.

Leio2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

There are no point, just "bad writing"

JaredH2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I don't care about them changing it and I liked the game overall but the ending was the worst part imo.


I hated it for the reasons stated above and the plot holes. If you didn't see any of them than I'm actually glad for you. And I'm not joking I wish I liked the ending. Oh and the lack of closure to the always planned trilogy. They actually avoided closure by doing a deus ex machina ending and not explaining any of its outcomes except by what a magical god child says...

Bimkoblerutso2265d ago

Totally agree with this article.

steve30x2265d ago

I did'nt mind the ending. It shows an opening for a ME4 hopefully. I've spent five days playing this bit by bit and I love it. I am definately going to play through again when I have all of it cleared.

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