The worst video game physics ever

And the award for “Worst Video Game Physics Ever” goes to…

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FrankDrebin2466d ago

What's wrong with these physics?

aCasualGamer2465d ago

That's the most realistic physics engine i have ever witnessed.

That's how i skate in real life.

wenaldy2466d ago

My personal choice is.......Angry Birds!!!!!

Fishy Fingers2466d ago

Angry Birds uses Box2D which is actually a great little physics engine for mobile/low end 2D simulations.

You probably picked Angry Birds because of its high profile, but it's not even their own engine.

BraveToaster2465d ago

He probably picked Angry Birds because of how unpredictable the physics will be. You could take the same shot twice and one of the shots will take out everything on the board and the other won't do anything.

taijutsu3632466d ago

Lol when I saw this I thought it was going to be BRINK!