The Neverending Debate On DLC

With the release of Mass Effect 3, it has really sparked a huge war against DLC once again. So we have decided to chime in and give our full thoughts on the whole DLC ordeal.

Since the launch of all the online gaming stores ( Xbox Live, PSN, etc.. ) game publisher’s have found a new way to monetize their games, such as downloadable content and online passes.. Do we think it’s right? Absolutely not. We the consumer’s are being taken advantage of in general.

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goosepoose2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

yo broheim, fuck dlc and the ridiculious principles behind it. these publishers wont even think of dlc unless they know their precious game will sell. They make so much cash of the brand, so i find it retarded that the DLC team wont get paid. If your game sold for lets say $10 then i would understand the need to rape your customers. But its not if you buy 4 games you might as well buy a new console.The shit aint cheap

the war started way before mass effect

djp2466d ago

absolutely goosepoose..

NYC_Gamer2466d ago

I'm only fine with expansion packs that add hours of gameplay.

fluffydelusions2466d ago

This, also provided the DLC doesn't a lot. COD DLC price is ridiculous IMO.

djp2466d ago

granted the price of cod map packs are expensive, but they also give you a lot of content..

djp2466d ago

yep, just like the original article state's, such as map packs for call of duty, giving you 5-7 more maps? $15 its like you get a whole new branch of the game..

Bimkoblerutso2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

DLC is potentially a nice feature, but if the kind of crap EA/Bioware just pulled is a side-effect of DLC, then I say to hell with it. It's doing much more bad than good at this point.

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