Asphalt: Injection Review [PixelScribes]

Pixel Scribes: "Asphalt: Injection is the seventh iteration of the Asphalt series and it launches on to the PS Vita promising to bring “furious” racing to your new handheld from the get go. If you’ve never played the Asphalt series before: it’s a modern arcade racer that offers ten game modes to speed through. The modes are all fairly similar in scope though: get to the finish line as quick as you can by boosting, drifting and smashing other players off of the track. Simple."

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bubwright2441d ago

I keep seeing this game get average scores, I personally think its an amazing game, I love the arcade feel the cars have and the graphics aren't to bad at all!

This is my favourite game on the vita along with uncharted and a bit of Fifa every now and then

mcstorm2441d ago

Im going to have a look at this game as a picked a psv up with mnr which i think is a better game than the ps3 version but what i would like to know is why they did not make it playable online against each other as the psp version is. I think if they had done this it could of helped people pick this over mario kart 7. Also dose anyone one know of gt psp is going to be released for the psv as its the only game i had for my go i cant get for the psv.