NXUS: Mass Effect 3 Review

The date was November 20th, 2007, Mass Effect had just launched in the United States. Immediately I had a great interest in the title, mainly for the fact that the popular developer Bioware was responsible. They had released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic back in July of 2003. SWTOR as many people call it was a story driven RPG, which added a lot of interest to the game to everyone who was able to give it a chance. It had many choices throughout the game which would not only change how the game was played, but change the story as you progress through as well, based on the decisions you made during conversations with other characters. Basically you would have a series of choices throughout which could be either good or evil, you would gain light side or dark side points through this. It was a great concept back then, and Mass Effect has truly expanded the idea to the next level over the years.

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