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Are these physics what PS4/Xbox 720 will be capable of?

The topic of the next-generation of consoles has certainly been in the spotlight for recent weeks. A new video relating to gaming physics has now emerged showcasing the possibility of what the PS4/Xbox 720 could be capable of. (Next-Gen, PC, Tag Invalid)

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jazzking2001  +   1236d ago
Too good to be real, but who knows what Microsoft and Sony could come up with in regards to the consoles' power.
FrankDrebin  +   1236d ago

Why Speculate?
00185  +   1236d ago
Why not?
FrankDrebin  +   1236d ago
Cause it's pointless unless you're 6 years old.
Do you know what it means to ASSUME?

It makes an A$$ out of U and ME!
00185  +   1236d ago
STFU, seriously.
FrankDrebin  +   1236d ago
Haha Little fella is getting mad. What an idiot!
Fishy Fingers  +   1236d ago
There's nothing wrong with making guesses or assumptions as long as you take them for what they are.

If people have fun with it, dont take it as factual, where's the harm.

Based on the Naked Guns, I had you down as less of a douche.
JhawkFootball06  +   1235d ago
bobrea  +   1235d ago
He's saying that there's no reason to speculate because there is no evidence that supports this whatsoever. We don't know what the hardware will be, so we don't know what the machine is capable of. I can sit here and say crap like "is Walmart making a game console out of used tires?" But there's no reason to, because there is nothing that supports it.
Dee_91  +   1235d ago
.... are these articles capable of being actual news ?
Theres a tech area great for this article :)
but eh if the people of n4g enjoy it i guess
CommonSense  +   1235d ago
The whole time i was watching that i kept thinking a credit card is much more efficient way to do a line.

i have to say, while i am impressed with the demonstration, they've been showing stuff like this for a number of years now. i'd like to hope physics like this will become standard one day, but i don't see it happening in the next generation.

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cannon8800  +   1236d ago
@ jazzking

It is real and it's running in real time with a gtx 480 and it's running at almost constant 40 fps. Whether its coming for the next gen consoles is a debate. But I feel that it will considering that Unreal engine 4 will fully support this technology on their engine. So I'm gonna say yes, its coming.
jaosobno  +   1236d ago
It's running in 40 FPS without:

- environment ("level")
- HD sound

Add those and performance would take a nice dive. And no, I don't believe that NG consoles will run those kind of advanced physics.

Let's be realistic, NG consoles will most likely be on the level of average PC from 2011/2012 (in spite of tech demos that will try to tell you otherwise).
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DoomeDx  +   1236d ago
Physics are done by the CPU 90% of the time. Not the GPU.
just saying
DaGrim  +   1236d ago
@DoomeDx, guess you have never heard of cuda cores? or physix? Physics have been an integrated part of every graphic card Nvidia sells for years now.
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Aggesan  +   1235d ago
@DaGrim, Only a small portion of PhysX is processed on the GPU. Most of it is done on the CPU.
cannon8800  +   1235d ago
@ jaosobno First of all, I stated that it was running in real time because jazzking didn't believe that the tech demo was REAL. If he said "too good to be true" He would have received a different answer. This is new tech from nvidia. It's bound to get better as time goes by. Just look at Red Faction Guerrilla and tell me that the amount of destruction in that game isn't impressive- even if that game might have used a different way of making the destruction happen. still impressive to say the least.
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cannon8800  +   1236d ago
@ jazzking

It is real and it's running in real time with a gtx 480 and it's running at almost constant 40 fps. Whether its coming for the next gen consoles is a debate. But I feel that it will, considering that Unreal engine 4 will fully support this technology on their engine on the get-go. So I'm gonna say yes, its coming.
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xtreampro  +   1236d ago
From what I remember these physics are now available in the UE3 dev kits and have also been added to UE4 for next-gen.

Devs can most likely make use of it now.
calibann  +   1236d ago
Imagine an advanced cover system where your character lowers his head in relation to the amount of wall that has been blown out. Then an RPG hits the wall and non-convex pieces of wall are blasted into your squad mates as shrapnel. Frostbite 2 who?
tee_bag242  +   1236d ago
Nothing wrong with speculating. Sometimes you have to put good ideas out there for the world to hear, the right person might just read it.


Speculation and Assumption are two very different animals.
morkendo23  +   1235d ago
would have perfer physic image of a character than rocks turning into pebbles.
stiggs  +   1235d ago
@ FrankDrebin
I had to give you a disagree just for using that grade school pun.
Sanetoshi  +   1236d ago
I don't see why not. I certainly hope the next generation brings a focus to more than just how pretty a game is.
Intentions  +   1236d ago
Only time will tell. Better not to get hyped over something that we don't know anything about.
bunt-custardly  +   1236d ago
I would guess so, and furthermore would assume something like this, or close to it is already doable on PC now.

I'd certainly expect the next Xbox to keep it's trend and likely be something of the equivilant of a mid-high end gaming PC by today's standards -- so much so I predict a PC port of Battlefield 3 to be a launch title, maybe they'll tinker the destruction that bit more, like this video? ;)
ginsunuva  +   1236d ago
A pc port if bf3 as a nextbox launch title? U crazy?
shadow2797  +   1235d ago
Bad Company 3 would be more likely (though toned down, obviously), and I'm still not too sure that's probable. The next MS console probably won't launch until at least 2013.
Rayko  +   1236d ago
Why is not Wii U mentioned? Always Xbox 720 and PS4.

Wii U will only be 20% less powerful than Xbox 720 which will be released next year.
metsgaming  +   1236d ago
actually it will be 120% weaker.

see i can make up numbers too, you from vgchartz?
Rayko  +   1235d ago
And we all know that Xbox 720 will be so powerful huh?

Xbox 720 wil mainly be focused on an upgraded kinect (already confirmed). To keep the costs down, it has to be weaker in power.
tee_bag242  +   1236d ago
@Ranko - wow you must know some factoids everyone else doesn't.

@Frank Drebin - you see, this is a perfect example of assumption.
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madjedi  +   1235d ago
Nintendo is not about power and tech that is sony's style.
"Why is not Wii U mentioned? Always Xbox 720 and PS4."

Very simple the wiiu will have current generation ports on it, that sounds like a weaker system when discussing the next console gen. Nintendo is known for always making a profit on hardware on release. And has a habit of using older slower hardware, to minimize costs and increase profits.

"Wii U will only be 20% less powerful than Xbox 720 which will be released next year." All we have is rumors to go upon which had it maybe 50% more powerful than the ps3/360, till someone does a tear down of a wii u, nothing is certain.

Nintendo skipped this last generation in regards to hardware and other areas, it will be more powerful than the ps3/360. But i don't believe nintendo will try and make a powerful system to rival the ps4/720 directly.

"And we all know that Xbox 720 will be so powerful huh?"

"Xbox 720 wil mainly be focused on an upgraded kinect (already confirmed). To keep the costs down, it has to be weaker in power."

Really care to post the article quoting, a ms representative stating this explicitly, because i figure sony fanboys would be rubbing it in 360 owner faces on n4g.
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Rayko  +   1235d ago
N64 and gamecube were not weaker machines at their time.

Only weak machine Nintendo released was Wii (not include handhelds).

Wii U is rumoured to be a power machine, a real beast according to many developers, even Crytek!
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DeadlyFire  +   1235d ago
Despite power claims Wii U will be ready to run Frostbite 2, CryEngine 3, and Unreal Engine 3.9 to their full extent. I am not certain it will maximize UE4's engine, but I do believe it will support it.

Still need specs to know and that is often something Nintendo never spills the beans about.
Klad  +   1235d ago
Getting current gen ports isnt a bad thing, these ports can be improved on the Wii U as developers will have more power & newer tech to play with. Plus, As long as Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4, I think it will get most of the same games as the next Xbox & the PS4. i think all Consol makers will have great systems & great exclusives. I think all us gamers will benifit from it.
Ulf  +   1235d ago

"Despite power claims Wii U will be ready to run Frostbite 2, CryEngine 3, and Unreal Engine 3.9 to their full extent."

Just like the PS3 and X360, then?
YodaCracker  +   1236d ago
A man can dream...
gypsygib  +   1236d ago
Not if devs focus 90% of their attention (and processing power) on visual graphics like this gen.

This console gen the physics and AI is barely better than last gen - the only thing that improved was rag doll.
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snipermk0  +   1236d ago
Well, if you think the AI is barely better than last year, then you've prolly been playing online multiplayer.
gypsygib  +   1236d ago
That's actually pretty funny, no sarcasm.
tee_bag242  +   1236d ago
Bathyj  +   1235d ago
Good observation.

I've been saying for years the biggest area for improvement in games is the AI. Graphics are by no means tapped out, but they are already good enough in my view. AI is where theres barely been any progress, and I blame the popularity of deathmatches.

Why would a dev put time and effort into making awesome AI when everyone seems to be fixated in a game type that has no AI? Online gaming is holding back progression.
xtreampro  +   1236d ago
"Not if devs focus 90% of their attention (and processing power) on visual graphics like this gen."

What? Apart from some major third party titles and and some first party titles (mostly coming from Sony) everything else this gen looks like complete crap. So that part of your comment makes no sense.

But I do agree with your point on A.I which did improve a bit this gen but not by much. For next-gen I'm looking forward to seeing massive improvements in A.I and graphics and gameplay.
LightofDarkness  +   1236d ago
Well, the Nvidia/UE3 demos were more impressive than that and they're quite possible on current PC GPUs (although maybe only Nvidia for now).

This demo also suffers from that oddly floaty interaction that looks very unrealistic. Plus, all that were seeing here is an extremely simplistic environment, doing this on a larger scale in a fully fleshed out game environment is much harder and much more impressive.
ANIALATOR136  +   1236d ago
for next gen all I want is slightly improved graphics. Higher frame rates and better animation in games
madjedi  +   1235d ago
You forgot the elimination of loading screens or cutscenes to cover up load times. I'll take better physics, it would have to be a little better at least.

As for better(life like) ai that is kinda impossible at the moment. I think most want ai companions that aren't stupid enough to walk right into your line on fire, or leave you dying on the ground and won't revive you.

Or the computer controlled teammate that wants to stop in the middle of the stairs or doorway and halt all progress forward.
Green_Thunder   1236d ago | Spam
Oner  +   1236d ago
Going by track record ~ I know who I believe will push the envelope for themselves (and thusly the industry as a whole) while certain others I don't believe can say the same.
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DeletedAcc  +   1236d ago
Let's hope ....
This video was so impressive o.O
Hazmat13  +   1236d ago
i could be on youtube for hours looking up destruction physics its fun and cool, anybody know any good videos? also i think it might be too much for the console to handle even with next gen tech.
iamamedic   1236d ago | Spam
jaseo  +   1236d ago
looks like a fun tech demo. you rarely see elastic red stick balls in games anymore. :)
bahabeast  +   1236d ago
ummm they should
TBONEJF  +   1236d ago
THIS looks like CRAP. doesn't mean a thing
Faelan  +   1236d ago
Can't wait for gravel simulator 2012 to come out. It's gonna rock...
RaidensRising  +   1235d ago
Quite witty indeed.
urwifeminder  +   1236d ago
Confirmed then no disk tray for new xbox new playstion to have nipples.
PAYNEinc85  +   1236d ago
We might see this eventually but not in the beginning of the next consoles.
Dlacy13g  +   1236d ago
Ok so the video. To be honest, I firmly believe the PS3 and 360 are both capable of running that tech demo now with little effort. But big picture is can that level of simulation occur during a full game where you have other big draws on CPU's and GPU's like enemy AI, other graphical intensive elements, etc... BF3 is a game that comes pretty close to giving us that level of physics now with the terrain deformation of Frostbyte 2.0.

Show me that tech demo with a bunch of other crazy stuff going on in the background, Intelligent AI routines and high graphic fidelity through out and I will be impressed. As is, you might as well show me a bathtub full of rubber ducks.
JONESY6  +   1235d ago
The title for articles like this should be
"This is what PCs can already do."
josephayal  +   1235d ago
Kinect only plz
DaCandyman  +   1235d ago
What i'm looking for is the console that has the capability of producing a game that his hit location detection. Example, a FPS that accounts for being shot in the lower extremities, and limbs, in the legs running is disabled, arms your selected weapon is dropped. high chest area, you die with rapid bleed out, midsection you bleed out slowly, headshot are what they are, instant death. Games like COD and BF could be more fun when selecting where to shoot someone. Everyone of course still go for the head. but that annoying sprinter can't sprint if he is hobbling. Or that noob tuber or shotgun fanatic can't pump action if one hand/arm is disabled. And the guy you just had a shootout with that just killed you, don't worry you put a couple rounds in him so as you watch him run off, eventually the kill points will be coming to you if he doesn't seek a medic (Battlefield only) soon. Gone will the the auto recover nonhardcore games will be.
shadow2797  +   1235d ago
That would only be fun against AI. If you're the person being disabled, it won't be any fun. I just don't think it would fly in multiplayer.
gtxgamer2  +   1235d ago
Battlefield 4 destruction
WiiStation_360  +   1235d ago
Stupid tech demos... stop hyping up us console kids. Everything is basically a rumor (maybe not even that). :(
neogeo  +   1235d ago
Can I get a side of ray tracing to go with my physics please? I also would like better A.I, water effects, sound, lots if ram for open world games and every game to run on 4k res at 120fps on the new oled tvs. Thanks.
Mrmagnumman357  +   1235d ago
Why our people going crazy with all these next gen articles ? There isn't going to be anything special about them. What we have on pc right now is what consoles will have next gen. Not trying to sound elitist, im just saying that I wouldn't get your hopes up, its simply not feasible. People dont realize how big a graphics card is. Also, you need a 700w power supply to power a GTX 580, and cooling it, wouldn't be possible unless they made the consoles much bigger.
portugamer  +   1235d ago
One guy above talked about better graphics and better framerate.

I hope on ps4, we will have the option to choose better graphics, or better framerate.

honestly, I prefer a game 2 times better, with graphics 2 times better, than normal graphics, at 60fps.

While the difference between 30 and 60 fps isn't huge, and don't change the gameplay(ok,fast fps, its better to have more fps, to turn faster..), having 2 times more textures and 2 times better graphics will totally change my perception, and gameplay.

Uncharted 3, and most games run at 30 fps, and its perfect.

If they do uncharted 4 on ps4, and if I have te choice between 30 or 60 fps, and 720 or 1080p, I want to play at 30 fps, at 720p, but with textures and graphics 5 times better than at 60 fps or 1080p.

For example, I'm sure rage could have better reviews, if, instead of those 60 fps, they had used better and crispier textures, no popups, everything 2 times more beautiful, instead of giving us 60 fps.

About you guys, would you prefer 60 fps, and average graphics, or 30 fps, with insanely beautiful graphics, for ps4 and x720?
portugamer  +   1235d ago
Who is the stupid animal that is so so stupid, that disagreed ?
For God sake, what is wrong on saying we should be given the option to choose between 60 fps, or keep the classic 30fps, and double the graphics quality?

How can people be this stupid? The worst thing is these guys are adults, but with a 10yo brain.

Shit, this generation is definitely lost.except playing halo and gears, they aren't even able to follow a thread on a forum, read what people say, and think about it for 2 seconds. Why spend 2 seconds thinking, when clicking on disagree only takes 1 second?

What a bunch of useless overweighted bigmac eaters, really. Many here should eat less, really. Otherwise, all your intelligence is used by your stomach, and the brain works even less.

Many people here dream about the day we can see who agreed or disagreed. That would be beneficial to everybody, forcing people to think before posting, and before agreeing/disagreeing.less shit, more intelligent comments, where people could learn and share something.

Today, maybe 70% of people reading a story, all they want is to click on disagree, and vote for bubble down, on people, simply because these people play on another system or don't like/play the same games as they do. Posting a simple comment like 'I like playing games on my couch', and getting 20 disagrees, you simply don't feel like posting anymore.

Anyway, n4g doesn't seem to want quality on their comment, otherwise they would change the bubble system, and the agree-disagree stuff.
I saw people lose 2 / 3 bubbles, with correct comments, but we was trying to defend the ps3, but some mods were there, and since mods here are pro Microsoft, they managed to take him 2 bubbles.in the same thread, I saw a 4 bubble guy being reported as spam, losing 1 bubble, since he had only 3 bubbles on the next reply, and the second reply, he had his 4 bubbles again. Magical powers?? Or simply a moderator?

For those who don't believe n4g is pro Xbox, just watch what happened to hiphopgamer... Yeah, he was black, we know that... But worst: he loved Sony and ps3. And in USA, its not good to be a black videogames journalist... and pro Sony. I guess this applies here, too.

As for the bubble and voting system, all n4g wants is 'fight' between people, buzz, news reaching 1000 degrees, and a max of cash from ads.

But a guy posting a nice comment, and getting 10 disagrees without no reason and being bubbled down, that, its not important for n4g.

Sorry for the long post, but these invisibles disagrees and these bubbles flying away, it just makes me crap.
GameGuy  +   1235d ago
People disagree/agree with people it's life. I could break the record for disagee's on this site right now and not care at all.
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