Why Roger Ebert and Fox News are dead wrong

TVGB: "Every once in a while, when I muster up the strength to not implode with the chunks of sluggishness and bile that fester on the Internet, I explore social media networks. While doing so, I ran into a passing comment made by Roger Ebert where he not-so-subtlety displayed his skepticism for games once more."

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LOGICWINS2442d ago

Why do you care about a non-gamer's opinion on games in the first place?

wohoo2442d ago

Because like it or not, they form the opinions of the masses. They need to be called out on their bs.

Ducky2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

... at this point, I don't see how FoxNews can suffer any damage by being called out on anything.
Especially something as trivial as video games.

They aren't forming the opinions of the masses. All they're doing is reinforcing existing opinions, and depending on where you live, that opinion isn't exactly shared by the masses to begin with.

Yi-Long2442d ago

... if FOXNews is badmouthing something you think, love, respect, whatever.

Is there anyone who actually takes anything on FOXNews seriously!?

It's the network by idiots, for idiots.

Jim Hawking2442d ago

When was the last time Fox ran an anti-gamer story? I only knew about the Mass Effect one because you babies bring it up every other freaking week.

mynameisEvil2441d ago

I take FOX's conservative views seriously. I don't take their views on gaming seriously, because those are pathetic views.

But, you know, thanks for just insulting anyone who has a different political opinion than you.

MysticStrummer2441d ago

"I take FOX's conservative views seriously"

You really shouldn't take them seriously. They have been busted for outright lies many times. It's one thing to think CNN or MSNBC is too liberal for your taste, but to counter that by watching FOX News really isn't the answer. It's sad to to say, but I'm not sure there's a major news outlet in the US that's trustworthy anymore. The "Liberal Media" is a myth, if you bother to looks at who owns the majority of news outlets in the US, and by news outlets I mean newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Left and Right are two sides of the same wooden nickel in the US, and that wooden nickel belongs to corporate interests. It's called Divide and Conquer, and it's working very well for them.

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Lazy_Sunday2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

We should look at what Ebert is saying, and continue to hate on Fox News. Why the hell are we mixing Ebert with Fox News? And more importantly this info is based on less than 140 characters of text and a link to a review by someone else.

Ebert has a logical point, I know he's hating on an excellent game, but if you've read about it you'll know he doesn't like the fact it plays like a "game" and hasn't advanced to that "experience" he's looking for. We're at the in between where games are going to become famous for the experiences they can create as "interactive entertainment" rather than the grown up sandbox experience it's currently encompassed in.

YES he has the wrong idea. He should play a Naughty Dog game. Maybe LA Noire. Something like that. Then he'll see things differently. But take his criticism as a ways of moving forward, opening up, not closing down and narrowing your viewpoint. He wants something more engaging, and is surprised that the most hardcore of the hardcore gamers, the nostalgia fanatics when compared to film, are more into something like Dark Souls than say... Uncharted 2.

He wants story, environment, interaction as paramount value-centric ideals in creation, and Dark Souls immerses you in the challenge, keeping you focused. The game is exhausting and rewarding, yes. It's a lot of hard work. But maybe he's not looking to work for his entertainment--he just wants to experience it.

ChrisW2442d ago

Well... they are partially correct about the sodomy part... Except there's only the implication of it. I mean, that's what normally happens when two guys have sex.

upallnightgamer2441d ago

I think it's because Ebert is a respected critic of a medium that shares much with games, and when someone well-respected within his medium tries to critique something outside his expertise, it often comes off as insulting or is blatantly so, as he's proven several times. And because of that "listen to my opinion on video games because I'm relatively famous, even though I've probably never played a video game in my life" attitude he has, gamers see the need and opportunity to heckle him roundly and without mercy.

Maddens Raiders2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

reading after FOX "News"...

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MySwordIsHeavenly2442d ago

If they think Fox News is the only news source who reports on video games being "evil", they don't watch a lot of television.

NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN have all done reports on video games.

I get it though. FOX is conservative and the rest are liberal... So, they're the most evil. -_-

Jim Hawking2442d ago

For the love of Christ THANK YOU.

It was one story about Mass Effect like four years ago. Give it a damn rest.

CNN is way, way worse. They actually advocate government intervention.

Lord_Sloth2442d ago

MySwordIsHeavenly gets bubbles for being correct and you get bubbles for featuring Outlaw Star (1 of my favorite anime, Jim being 1 of my favorite characters) as your username and display picture.

gamey2442d ago

CNN is pretty terrible, and Jon Stewart takes them to task for it almost as much as Fox. I'm not sure how you think advocating "government intervention" is a distinguishing factor between the two. Are you talking about Syria? Was it some sort of Network Consensus? And to suggest that Fox doesn't or hasn't advocated for the government to step in is plain wrong. I'll just stick with Fox narratives to push for war in Iraq and more recently, in Iran as examples.

Jim Hawking2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

By "government intervention" I mean they think that the government should actively regulate video games to "protect children". They were the ones blaming every school shooting or psycho rampage on video games.

No ones talking about Iraq or Syria dude.

gamey2442d ago

Some links would be good. Fox News is consistently negative, lacking context, and rabble-rousing to a degree that isn't seen in those other networks. I'll say that our media tends to be pretty terrible across the board in this country, but Fox News is blatant partisan propaganda a lot of the time. You should click on the link in the article about confirmation bias, though. Your conclusion that Fox is persecuted because they are conservative is plain wrong. They're condemned because they gleefully integrate hateful and distortionist rhetoric in their "news". They just so happen to be conservatively biased. But it's the former that makes them worthy of scorn.

gypsygib2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I will quote Yi-Long above, "Fox News is the network by idiots, for idiots."

Also, in regards to Ebert, he name for a person who makes blanket statements about an entire medium without knowing anything about it aside from an outsider's impression is IGNORAMUS. Ebert, may be a talented movie reviewer but he says some very ignorant things.

If I said rugby or cricket is a worthless sport I'd be an ignoramus because I don't know anything about them aside from some outsiders impression.

wallis2442d ago

Roger Ebert is a waste of flesh and skin. He's a man who's made a living off other people's work and creations and he's mediocre at it at best. I don't give a crap what my mechanic has to say on the topic of games as art so I don't give a shit what Roger Ebert says either because they're both equally unqualified to say a damn word about it.

And Fox news is nothing more than the tissue basket Rupert Murdorch keeps by his bed for when he pleases himself to videos of genocide. Anyone who listens to either of these golden sources of truth with the intent to take anything they say seriously should be marked for sterilization at a genetic level.

What's actually concerning is that the views of these captains of industry are often shared by normal human beings who aren't totally retarded. This is less a computational error i.e. having a mango for a brain, but is just ignorance. Time will come though and people will learn. That's all we can do is wait. Comics, movies, and music have all had this little ritualistic "hazing" of being accused of everything from witchcraft to making lightbulbs all go out at once. In a way it just means we're well on our way to being taken seriously as a legitimate art form. The Smithsonian already has shown interest in the presentation of art as games. As have other museums.

mayberry2442d ago

@ wallis^^^ You just got post of the month amigo! AWESOME! bubbles+

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