A 4GB PS Vita Memory Card Is Enough… For Now

The Playstation Vita memory cards have been under a lot of scrutiny since launch for being more expensive than your standard SD card. Well, if you want to save some money, you can get the 4 GB memory card for $20 and it will be enough… for now.

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MultiConsoleGamer2443d ago

I own a Vita, I love it, buy my suggestion to any potential buyer is to buy the biggest memory card you can afford. It will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Dante1122443d ago

4GB is enough if you plan on just buying the physical copies (PS Vita games). I suggest you buy a bigger memory card if you plan on going strictly digital though.

TrendyGamers2443d ago

Yeah, I show the sizes of certain PSN titles and you will definitely need a big card if you're just getting PSN only games.

MultiConsoleGamer2443d ago

4GB is a waste of money even if you don't buy your games online. There are other things to consider like demos, Free AR titles, videos, DLC content, etc, etc, etc.

MmaFan-Qc2443d ago

@MultiConsoleGamer, i agree, 4gb is barely enuff to follow the updates, demos, free games/apps.

4gb(more like 3.8gb) will be eaten pretty fast.

Thatguy-3102443d ago

i got the 4gb and for now the memory has been enough i have 5 apps, 6 games and 105 songs. Its best to have a bigger memory card but for now it hasnt been much of a problem.

MmaFan-Qc2443d ago

i got the 4gb with my first edition, after two days it was already full with a couples of mp3, demos, apps, 2 downloaded games....with 120mb left, had to buy a 16gb and waiting for a deal on the 32gb to get one since i have a shit load of psp games waiting to be played on my vita.

Soldierone2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I got the 4GB. Updated all 4 games (including uncharted), a full HD movie (Hugo), Unit 51 demo, the AR games, the free motorstorm title, and Killzone psp title on it. Still have close to 2 gigs left.

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metsgaming2443d ago

im going with 8gb minimum, any higher than that is to much for to little and i will wait till price drops and/or higher versions like 64 come out. Definitely cant put loseless audio on there haha. Almost got a 32 for $40 but i was to slow im hoping that happens again soon, if not 8gb it is, for now. That or a bundle.

TrendyGamers2443d ago

Was it that deal right before launch? That was a great deal.

People likely bought more than one so they could resell them for more money, meaning that they sold out right away.

Smashbro292443d ago

It didn't pan out. They shipped wipeout 2048 instead. Said it was a mistake.

OhReginald2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )


yes waste of money especially since I got mine free from Amazon.

I have a 4gb and this is what I have on it. Hustle Kings Full game. 3 AR games. Cliff Diver, Fireworks, and the Soccer game. I have 3 PSP games, peace walker, cladun X2, and 3rd birthday. and I have the free motorstorm game, AND the touch my kamtari demo.

BTW i have 5 cartidge games. So I dont have to worry too much about space.

and besides since the content is free, you dont NEED to have it stored on your 4gb card. You can delete and install the free content some other time.

Xof2442d ago

Precisely. Even if you don't buy any digital Vita games, you'll still want a lot of memory of movies, music, pictures, PS1 and PSP games--the last of which routinely size in at over 1GB.

I'd say 16GB is the bare minimum you need (unless you're a casual gamer who only bought the Vita for Vita games).

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BuffMordecai2443d ago

4GB won't get you anywhere if you are planning on actually using the device to its full extent.

Sevir2443d ago

I hope they release a 64 gig sometime down the line! Over all i gotta say the experience on the Vita is unmatched as far as Gaming goes, i cant wait to see some more original titles on the vita! Like Uncharted:GA and Resistance:Burning Sky. Love The "Near" App!

MySwordIsHeavenly2443d ago

Yes. A 64 Gb would be PERFECT! I'd pay $100 for that, but not a 32 Gb.

TrendyGamers2443d ago

I hope they do and price it at $100. It would make life a lot easier.

MySwordIsHeavenly2443d ago

Bought an 8 Gb. It sucks removing things, but I'll live until I can get a 32 Gb.

It's like when I bought a 20 Gb PS3 at launch. Lol. That SUCKED! Mandatory installs made life hell.

First world problems, man...

SandwichHammock2443d ago

"First world problems,man..."

at least you realize that. Some people make these into actual problems or issues like they're getting shot at for no reason, or not being able to eat.

KeiserSosay47882443d ago

I just wish the cards weren't so absurdly expensive, which is the only thing keeping me from buying one. But, business is business I suppose. Hopefully they drop in price before too long:(

xursz2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

a 16gb tablet sells for 600$, a 32gb tablet sells for 700$..... Now THAT's absurd...

KeiserSosay47882443d ago

They're both absurd. The concept of proprietary memory for hardware is RIDICULOUS.

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