RipTen Review: ‘SSX’ (Xbox 360)

SSX has been on hiatus since the release of SSX Blur didn’t turn heads like EA wanted it to. The franchise, which started as a very arcade-style snowboarding game for PS2, had evolved by then and was trying new things, attempting to feel out its fans’ reactions and desires for future SSX titles. After five years, it looks like EA Vancouver have delivered on the promise to bring back SSX in a BIG way. Since SSX 3, no SSX title has been so familiar at its core, so welcoming of newcomers, and yet so different from the source material. Welcome to team SSX.

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greeneggsnsam2440d ago

I loved Tricky so I couldn't wait for this, glad to hear its actually good!

BlackjackCF2440d ago

I'm not a fan of SSX, but this I may buy.

SuperBeast8112440d ago

this game is awsome now if I could only connect to RiderNet....... Im waiting EA!

JayFergg2440d ago

The only thing i dislike about this game is snowboarding at night time