Playstation Move: Wasted Motion Potential

The PS Move's potential is just waiting to be realized.

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FrankDrebin2440d ago

Yawn is right. Definite waste. :( Come on Sony, you can do better than this.

LOGICWINS2440d ago

Funny this pops up, I just gt off the phone with GameChamp to see if they have RE5 used. I'm dying for a reason to use my Move again.

metsgaming2440d ago

Make sure to get the Gold edition the normal version doesnt have move support. I sold my re5 to get gold edition in the future, its not that much more expensive and i think its worth it.

There was an article of how to auto calibrate the move its brilliant how come no one knew about this earlier. The tech is great but the support is not. Most of the stuff coming out uses it terribly and is close minded and just copies the wii when it is capable of so much more control but they are too lazy. I hope they make a sports champions 2 soon.

LOGICWINS2440d ago

Thx for the tip. I was planning on buying the regular edition.

dragonyght2440d ago

the only downfall is the fact it came out mid-cycle as an optional accessory.

TooTall192440d ago

While I don't use it too often right now, I have no regrets buying it. I have had a great time with it with friends. Killzone 3 is best played with the Move.

from the beach2440d ago

I found this really interesting, from a recent IGN article at GDC on Killzone 3:

"Ultimately, de Roos and his team succeeded in working Move into the game, even if it didn't quite work out perfectly at first. He noted that, with Killzone 3's online features, players using Move were too strong, and that balancing was needed to level the playing field between Move and DualShock players."

maniacmayhem2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Sony jumped on the motion craze/fad a little too late.

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The story is too old to be commented.