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5 things we want to see in a new PS3/Xbox Splinter Cell game

With the new Splinter Cell 6 apparently in the works, it's been rumoured it will be multi format. Here's five things which would make the next Splinter Cell game awesome. (PC, PS3, Splinter Cell 6, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Sanetoshi  +   1142d ago
I wouldn't mind seeing a new protagonist for Splinter Cell. To be honest, I think a lot of long-running franchises could use new ones.
morganfell  +   1142d ago
Actually I want to see Co-op through the entire game with Sam and Victor. Co-op is great but not tacked on as an after thought.
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_Aarix_  +   1141d ago
In splinter cell conviction they did co-op right. If you had a friend to help you out then the experience was amazing. It was like a whole other game. But having it in the main story would be good too.
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RaidensRising  +   1142d ago
Sarah Fisher or better yet, Jade Raymond in bra and panties. Now that might be interesting - because it's a stealth game, none of the enemies would actually see her.

On a serious note. Grims would make for a decent main protagonist considering she gets b**** slapped by Sam in Conviction.
NYC_Gamer  +   1142d ago
Splinter Cell needs to go back to its pure stealth roots
ShadesMoolah  +   1142d ago
Wishful thinking perhaps. The old style stealth is a dying bbreed and doesnt make Ubi enough money. Sad but true.
NYC_Gamer  +   1142d ago
That's why i refuse to buy the new versions Ghost Recon/Rainbowsix /Splinter cell/.Ubi replaced real good core gameplay just to reach the casual market.
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bunt-custardly  +   1142d ago
Female Fisher ftw. Surprised we've not heard of a new game already since Conviction.
bahabeast  +   1142d ago
i like the idea specialy since its on ps3 :)
Noticeably_FAT  +   1142d ago
Conviction did quite well for the Xbox 360, hopefully at E3 they announce it as a console exclusive again. I liked the direction that Conviction took. Hopefully we get a new one later this year.

Conviction 2, Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Witcher 2, Crimson Dragon, Steel Battalion, Fable The Journey, could be a very solid year for the Xbox 360.
soundslike  +   1142d ago
Actual stealth gameplay. Just have a questionnaire at the start of the game asking the player how they like to play the game and tailor it to noobs on request instead of from the start of the development process
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Droid Control  +   1141d ago
1. Real stealth gameplay.
2. I self-contained story
3. Mininal or no gun use.
4. seperate co-op campaign
5. 720 launch game
chanmasta  +   1141d ago
It's on PC too.. ¬_¬

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