Batman: Arkham City's Sequel - What The Community See Pt. III The community take a look at the possibilites for Arkham City's possibles sequel.

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NovusTerminus2470d ago

What I want? Fixed or removed Stealth.

Sneaking in AC and AA was boring. And just killed then fun to me. I love stealth games. MGS, Splinter Cell (The old ones), Tenchu and Shinobido, but Batman's stealth is complete crap.

Drano2470d ago

Gonna need more than just saying it's crap. I was skeptical at first and I did not give a damn about the Batman until I played this game.

To me, this game is a great mix between Metal Gear Solid and God of War. I just can't understand why you say that the stealth is crap.

NovusTerminus2470d ago

It's not fun. I loved the combat and traveling around the city.

But when it comes to the stealth its just, sit on statue and wait for idiot A to walk away, KO, sit on statue B, wait for idiot B and keep going. Sometimes changing statues for vents.

There is not allot of ways to do it. No variety in how to do it.

LightofDarkness2470d ago

I'd like to see more paths through the narrative that affect the way it all plays out. Like taking down a certain villain before another makes it easier or harder for you (less/more gang members, opening up a stealthier path etc.).

Maybe they could allow Batman to use specialised suits, like he might employ in the comics on special occasions. Also, make the batcave a hub from which he can travel to various different zones (via the batwing or what have you, just a loading screen thing anyway)

hazelamy2470d ago

i'd like to see them not chop stuff out at the last minute for their preowned jihad.

let me guess, next time batman will be tied to a single use code.

Voxelman2470d ago

I think they should take a break, do something new and different before doing another Batman game. I would love to see what they could do with an original IP.