Final Fantasy 3D Leaked By Italian Retailer

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series and it appears that Square Enix is gearing up to celebrate the occasion with a new entry to the long running franchise.

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Ghost2502440d ago

ehhh i stopped buying Final Fantasy games after 10.

dark-hollow2440d ago

"Here’s a wild idea. Perhaps Final Fantasy 3D is actually Final Fantasy: Dimensions, the rumored 3DS title that runs on an optimized version of the graphics engine used in Crisis Core? Sound plausible?"

I think it has some relation to ffvii's story.

Will hopefully because crisis core was awesome.

Fishermenofwar2440d ago

I think the word you wanted to use was EPIC!!...

Loved that game and the back story just pieced everything together.

Zack is a badass!!

user77927882440d ago

This has been happening alot recently...i have a feeling its just publicity stunts for their websites