WTF, Capcom?! Street Fighter x Tekken Angry Rant

Shoryuken has discovered that there are 12 Embedded DLC Characters on the Disc for both the Xbox and Playstation 3. Also, the Xbox version is unable to go online with 2 local players for tag team despite the manual stating specifically that it can. WTF? Capcom. Seriously?

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Megaman_nerd2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Haha, I saw this yesterday and couldn't stop laughing. That Capcom representative is just too funny but not more funny than this:

Capcom's Sexual Assault does live up to its name! Ari changed the face of the FGC forever. XD

But anyway, Capcom does love to screw with us, just look at SFxT's ending of Megaman. =/

ritsuka6662470d ago

Love the humour of this guy...

TopDudeMan2470d ago

Even then, for a street fighter game, there's already quite a lot of characters accessible to us.

BuffMordecai2470d ago

I hope nobody buys this close to release, they will just get scammed. The super mega deluxe version will drop just a few months later.

TopDudeMan2470d ago

They already said there won't be any other editions of this game.

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