Dark Souls Ornstein and Smough: One of the best boss fights ever

VGA: "I have spent over 120 hours playing From Software’s exceptional RPG ‘Dark Souls’ last year. The game has many memorable moments that I won’t ever forget. But when someone asks me or want to chit chat with me about this game, the first thing that pops up on my mind is the fierce and epic battle with dragon slayer Ornstein and executioner Smough."

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hardcore19122441d ago

Dark Souls is a great game. I can't wait to see what Dark souls team is going to do next.

CarlitoBrigante2441d ago

Work on Demon's Souls 2 exclusively for PS3 and VITA.

Ghost2502441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Darks Souls is my favorite RPG this gen. Honeslty I cant wait till F.S. make another game in the souls series

Skateboard2441d ago

I want a Vita version :D

Ghost2502441d ago

a Vita version would be amazing

cpayne932441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

A spin off though, not a port. And maybe ad hoc co op.

dc12441d ago

Sorry about the disagree. It was a mistake.

In short, I'll take another Dark Souls any way that I can get.
....and would love to have an offshoot on the Vita.

Have a plus bub!

dboyman2441d ago

I agree and while From is at it a remake of 3d Dot Heroes for Vita as well...

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TardcoreGamer2441d ago

That's exactly where I'm stuck at now! tough as nails battle. I must have collected 15 of Orstein's rings by now lol. Smough does me in at the end every time!

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The story is too old to be commented.