Checking Rumors: Why the Next Xbox Won’t Be Coming in 2012

PikiGeek writes: Friends–I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there will not be a new Xbox released this year. We all would love to indugle in yet another flame war between the Sony fanboys and MS fanboys with Nintnedo fanboys firing spitballs from afar, but despite the emphatic claims by MS reps, the rumors won’t die about the next 360 coming out. So here’s a play-by-play as to why there won’t be a 360–and what we can likely/possibly see at E3 2013.

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S_C2443d ago

Nobody ever thought that the next gen xbox was ever going to come out in 2012. Next year is my prediction

NAGNEWS2443d ago

that xbox 2 will come out this year

where are the games?

sikbeta2443d ago

Porting? a platform easy to develop for makes things easier for devs, so there should be no problem, it also depends on what's about the rumored kinect2

But, the reason of why no Xbox3 this is year is because the X360 is selling so damn well, so they can ride on that at least one year and then release a new console without problems

Malice-Flare2443d ago

it all depends on how much hype and buzz the Wii-U has before it comes out and how it does when it launches...

bahabeast2443d ago

i personaly think end of 2013 for sure we will se new xbox, or mabe mid 2014 wow its sounds soo far into future i can still remember grad from h/s in 2004 rocking a ps2 and game cube.

im getting old :(

sikbeta2443d ago

Not gonna happen with the wii-u lauching this year, no one in his right mind would concede so much time and marketshare to the competition, MS can block the wii-u launch with a price cut + Live Gold Membership promotions and all that, but they'll not rely on that for much longer...

bahabeast2443d ago

YEAH kinda first thing is 2012 E3 is HUGE!!!!! why i say this is because we will be seeing what the wiiu is capable of and we also will see what sony and microsoft has up thier sleeves.

Fyflin2443d ago

2013 will be ideal. Still looking forward to GTA5, bioshock infinite, halo 4, and the last of us amongst others.

tigertron2442d ago

No one said it was coming out this year, but next year is likely.

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