Korean Idols Appear in Live Band Ssaeng Intro + Gameplay Videos

DKpopnews writes: Members of Korean girl group Girl’s Day Minah, Hyeri and Norazo have been promoting Live Band Ssaeng for a few months now and this week ‘Live Band Ssaeng’ tweeted about an event. To our surprise the official site had made an online demo game available! The demo allows you to play the Guitar, Drums & Keyboard aspect of the game and most importantly Hug Me Once, Twinkle Twinkle and Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander are the available songs!

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Tameel12443d ago

Never heard of their band, but they're pretty cute.

GirlsGeneration2442d ago

omg! i love Girl’s Day they're so adorable! I hope they come back soon with a new song. Thanks for this Pozzle you're the only one who puts Kpop stuff on this site/N4G lol