Lacking Hardcore Tactical Shooters? Ignore This Opportunity And You Can Never Complain Again...

Dual Pixels - Over the years, it's pretty obvious that shooters, and all video games genres, that generally have had plausible learning curves have been eradicated in the face of mainstream gaming. As a result, gaming experiences have become more dull and saturated.

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Trackboss2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

I miss Killzone 2 it was one of the most tactical shooters of this generation before the patches and valour exploitation. And let's not forget Rainbow Six..

EDI2474d ago

I hope this project succeeds, the industry needs it.

JellyJelly2474d ago

By tactical you mean broken controls? Killzone 2 is one of the most overrated shooters this gen. Nice visuals, no substance.

tokugawa2474d ago

i concur, i sunk many hours into killzone. when i first got it, i thought it was great. but after a while, once you get through the lovely visuals, you see that it just another bland shooter, but with even worse problems than most.

i played 5 mins of killzone3s multi-player demo, and cancelled my pre-order.

it is a shame, because i was unstoppable on kz2 with the tactician using an assault rifle.

AusRogo2474d ago

Couldnt handle the controls because it wasnt cod?

Outside_ofthe_Box2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Just because YOU couldn't handle the controls does not mean it's broken lol.

What is up with people this gen? Just because they suck at a game they blame the game itself instead of themselves for having the lack of skill to adapt to the game?

If the controls were broken how come I had no trouble playing the game then, huh?

Killzone 2 is THE most tactical shooter this gen. All other shooters this gen are just your typical run in the mill run and gun shooter/ CoD knock offs.

Razmossis2474d ago

MGO was, and still is the most tactical online shooter this generation, speed and precision only got you so far if you didn't have a team with a game plan.

Too bad most of you shunned it because you didn't want to take the time to get a Konami ID, or because of a bit of start up lag... or even because you were so brainwashed by the plethora of FPSs coming out every year that you couldn't adjust to a new control scheme. Shame

Fragger2k82473d ago

MGO was alright, but the game played nothing like a tactical shooter, and really wasn't any different than your typical deathmatch style game. Not to mention that people never worked as a team online, no one used any sort of strategy, and almost all of the matches had that stupid auto-aim enabled, which every single person used.

Like what LightofDarkness said just down below; games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and ARMA are tactical shooters. Not Killzone, not MGO, not MAG, not Halo.

LightofDarkness2474d ago

Jesus guys, HARDCORE TACTICAL SHOOTER. WE're talking old Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, ARMA, Delta Force etc. If you think Killzone 2 belongs in that bracket then you've been wearing the fanboy goggles for so long that they'll need to be surgically removed.

Outside_ofthe_Box2473d ago

KZ2 is THE most tactical shooter this gen. What are you smoking lol?

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DualPixels2474d ago

I think even mainstream audiences are getting bored with how easy shooters have become

caperjim2473d ago

This may be true but when that mainstream audience finally sits down with a hardcore shooter, it wont take long for them to go back to what they usually play.

People seem to think they want a hardcore realistic shooter but most would quickly give up on it before they learn to be better at it.

Publishers know this. Thats why they wont risk big money on a game that will be traded in within a week after purchase no matter how great the game actually is.

ginsunuva2473d ago

No they're still having the time of their lives at each new cod release.

ninjahunter2474d ago

Gamers are good at complaining, they will find a way.

r212474d ago

try starhawk. that game has you thinking up strategies in so many ways imo.

DaReapa2473d ago

I'm curious as to what's their vision of a hardcore tactical shooter. If they're talking along the lines OFP or the ARMA series, they have my attention.

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