Capcom's Disc-Locked Content Could Combat Used Game Sales

Gaming Blend "There's a potentially big reason why the Street Fighter X Tekken disc-locked content is being locked out and Capcom is waiting to trickle it out several months from now for console gamers. Ultimately, it might be a way for Capcom to fight the used game business."

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dark-hollow2442d ago

The worst thing above a rapist is someone who justifies his actions.

ThichQuangDuck2442d ago

Comparing on disc dlc to rape is so immature and outlandish that I am not even going to respond to it and the fact that 17 agreed with that comparison says something.

I am not in full support of Capcom, DLC but it much more difficult to compare a fighting game DLC to a open world game. It is not just impossible to compare it is unnecessary. I will get down voted to oblivion I am sure, but if you are going to down vote me at least reply to what I am about to say.

The DLC on disc for Street Fighter X Tekken as we all know is on disc, leaving everyone to say why that is my disc and I own everything on it. That is completely wrong, you own what they offer to you, if Capcom released a game in which there was just singleplayer on disc accessible and multiplayer dlc. Then you are choosing to buy the single player for its quality. The reason they did on disc dlc makes sense, you just have to look at it from a perspective of a game developer and not a gamer.

Lets break it down further, how many patches does a fighting game take to fix elements and keep it balanced once it is broken, quite a few you are right, well those patches on xbl on quite expensive they are not free. You also as Witcher 2 demonstrated cannot release an game than have free dlc so that was out of the question. But for everyone to be able to play online they at least need a basic model of what they would be fighting on either downloaded to their console or on disc. Last time having to download something with street fighter iv was a pain to see others dlc.

Most of the people so angry about this do not play fighting games or will not be playing it by the fall. They have already said this is the only disc version of the game and for that exact reason.

I bought street fighter x Tekken for what they offered, which is a damn good package and fighting game that is fully worth the 60$. Lastly to those of you saying last generation we had a unlock able characters and items in the game, they make everything unlocked for tournament play if you want them to lock everything than only choose select characters and the beginning and pretend you are slowly unlocking all the characters.

dark-hollow2442d ago

OK I didn't say rape is like what they are doing here but it just an analogy and an extreme one at that.

I agree with what said to a certain extent.
Knowing capcom, locking some characters from the disk is planned from day 1 and when I buy a $60 I rather have a worth for my purchase.

What will you say when they release super sfxt or ultimate or yadda yadda yadda!
Don't you feel ripped iff ? Just look at mvc 3 fiasco.
I bought the special edition and I hoped it will maintain strong support for years to come, but alas. All we got is two characters and only after TEN MONTHS! A new version is released!!!!

ThichQuangDuck2441d ago

I see your perspective as I see others. In the eyes of a gamer am I also a gamer yes, but I will be majoring in game development so maybe that changes it. To get me started on marvel vs capcom 3 is to start a rant but to put simply I pre ordered dead rising 2 so got mvc 3 half off on amazon due to a failed pre order bonus. MVC3 vanilla is the most unbalanced piece of shit fighting game I have ever played would get home from work and all roomates would have same dante combo lined up and I had a team of low health people so I never stood a chance but they are who I liked playing as. Ultimate was highly improved and all those characters were going to be dlc but then japan got hit by an earthquake and please do not just say that was a excuse because that is a serious natural disaster and it hit capcom hard the week before mvc3 came out. So do I feel ripped off? no because i sold mvc 3 for like 25 dollars which I used to get ultimate for 15 which was a good fighting game. Like soul calibur v has all the content on disc but in my opinion it fails to make giant leaps and bounds improvements from iv in any way so that was the biggest rip off to me considering I played iv by myself online and even got the hero king achievement in a summer and I had to face kilik noobs. A rip off is a game that is not good, by the logic of gamers do not get me wrong or generalizing a capcom game could have a million characters but if the DLC is on disc we should not support those million characters and highly balanced game they created which to me is a bullshit cop out. Also in the eyes of gamers stealing a game developers salary through piracy is ok and they should hurry up on the sequel and not release any supplemental content and delay the game if needed to get it on one disc. This is equivalent in my eyes to saying well fuck the animatrix was thought of at the same time as the matrix why am I paying extra for that story. No I bought the matrix for the matrix and I bought animatrix for animatrix and I gave my middle finger to the sellout sequels

b_one2442d ago

Used Games = less thinking about purchases = smaller marketing rage over a customers.

No used games = more thinking = much more marketing = much less customers(less money they have)

DarkBlood2442d ago

thats good stuff, save that for later when the time comes

bubwright2442d ago

soon they will sell games on hard drives. once you plug them in, your hard drive will only work with that console :(

geddesmond2442d ago

Man I'm sick of all the excuses and I'm sick of people thinking we owe these companies something for making us video games.

In reality they actually owe us for taking the time in buying and playing their games. Without us these companies would be nothing and as soon as we forget that then these companies own our souls.

Capcom and any other company can do what they like when it comes to DLC and used games because they'll get away with it now but sooner or later its all gonna come crashing down on them and when it does there will be no going back for them.

Capcoms already half ways there with their fanbase. I was a huge Capcom fan. I own 74 Capcom games from NES era all the way up to the PS3 era but I'm no longer supporting them anymore.

I'll get RE:ORC and RE6 because I've played that series from when it was given birth and I'm too heavily invested in the story and world but I'll be buying second hand copies of the games. Everything else from Capcom will be ignored unless they bring back Onimusha or Dino Crisis and even then its second hand games for those too.

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