Quantic Dream's Kara - A New Level of Interactive Drama In Video Games

SegmentNext - "A look at Quantic Dream's Kara, a presentation of their new technology that uses new motion-capture technology and pushes interactive drama to a new level".

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-Mika-2388d ago

Wow that was amazing.I swear these guys make the best tech demos. Now i hope they actually continue this story. This was really good.

ANIALATOR1362388d ago

I wasn't really impressed with it to be honest. It was a great tech demo don't get me wrong but the acting wasn't great. Especially with the bloke who was talking to the robot. Something closer to home would also be more emotional instead of a futuristic world all the time.

palaeomerus2388d ago

Meh. I think QD pretty much peaked with Fahrenheit and even the last fourth of that was pretty off.