New SimCity Details; more accessible, richest & most sophisticated simulation, bullet physics engine

DSOGaming writes: "Maxis’ Andrew, Kip, Ocean and Dan have revealed some interesting new details – in a Reddit IAMA discussion – about their upcoming SimCity game. According to the developers, the new SimCity will take advantage of the bullet physics engine and they are targeting for a stylized look which has a mesmerizing charm about it. Moreover, this new SimCity game will be more accessible to the newcomers. This is a crucial thing for Maxis as they want to expand their game. However, the developers wanted to let us know that the game won’t be dumbed down in any way."

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CrazyInsane2441d ago

Could anyone explain how will a physics engine be used in this game?

FlashXIII2441d ago

By more accessible they mean dumbed down for today's COD generation?

john22441d ago

nope, they wanted to make it clear that it will not be as bad (or dumbed down/casual) as SimCity: Societies