Portal 2′s original opening sequence involved a beach

Sun-lit beach, small tea-tables, beautiful weather...



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Veneno2443d ago

What an overrated game. You know it is when extremists call it Game of the Year and have stopped talking about it. Like GTA 4, it was supposed to be the return of gaming Jesus, but it was quickly forgotten.

MaxXAttaxX2443d ago

Have you played the Portal games?
I don't think anyone was disappointed with Portal 2 in comparison to GTAIV.
Very different situations.

Veneno2443d ago

You may be right that the situations were different in that EVERYONE was anticipating nothing short of brilliance for GTA 4, whereas with Portal 2, it has its fanbase that love the game, but not much more I suppose. It's a kind of game that has a sizeable appeal, but those that aren't interested completely walk by it and don't look back. GTA 4 on the other hand was on everyone's look-out.

But in the community of us gamers that may not necessarily play everything, we still keep up on the news through the regular "hardcore" outlets. So within this group and point of view, I see Portal 2 as an overrated game.

cpayne932443d ago

Portal 2 is one of my favorite games ever made period. I bought it mostly blind, wasn't sure how the gameplay worked, really didn't know much about the game at all. The entire game blew me away, the puzzles were exilerating, the characters were amazing, and it had one of the most fun co-op modes I have ever played.

It might not be your cup of tea, but don't call the people who love it extremists.