‘Stop Thinking You’re a Producer,’ Former Mass Effect Designer Tells Gamers

Christina Norman worked for BioWare on Mass Effect. She's with Riot Games now. But she must have felt pangs of sympathy when BioWare got raked by gamer complaints about day-one DLC in Mass Effect 3. Because she basically gave them a double-barreled middle finger in a rant at GDC.

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PopRocks3592441d ago

Gamers/consumers have become so spoiled and self-entitled that they believe they're making the games now. Artists deserve freedom; consumers are NOT the same as artists. It's good to give artists feedback to help them better themselves, but to demand that the game cater to your shitty whim does nothing but take away from the creative process.

krazykombatant2440d ago

"artists deserve freedom; consumers are NOT the same as artists."

Go take a business class kid. Calling BioWare artist pffftt.... Some lazy ass artist with DA:II. The loyal fans of the series have more than enough to right to say what they think is fair and what isn't. I have yet to play the game, but the recurring theme from everyone is that, they practically pulled a DA:II and made your choices totally useless for the end. The consumer has a right to complain whether you like it or not.

It teaches the developers or your so called "artists" where they went wrong and what they need to improve.

ninjahunter2440d ago

You clearly have no idea how much work, devotion, commitment, emotion and expertice it takes to create something with even 1/10th the artistic value that bioware has committed.
They have spent years putting together a 20+ hour cinematic game, character development for every single character that some games would commit to only their protagonist, their art style is exactly how it should be, there lore so deep in the series you could look up how the keyboards work, Their music competes with holly wood super films, they created a universe unique from any other out there. And yet you complain that they are bad artists?

You need to get your head straight, before you even try to criticize a single ounce of work the slave driven employees at bioware put into this game maby you should go and try to create something as admired. Build a City, Create a film, Create a museum of art, Write a story, make your characters breathe, lead an orchestra, or even just bring all these things together. these are all things that had to be done to make this game work.
After these employees come together, create their game, Work under strict regulation of EA and produce exactly what the fans asked for, what happens? they get spit in the face.

badz1492440d ago

She is saying that we should just shut up and take whatever shitty practices game makers and publishers are shovingdown our throat because we are not the one making the game? Shut the hell up women! Go make a sandwich or something rather than trying to tell people to just bend over!

TekoIie2440d ago

Nice one Badz for showing everyone what is wrong with the gaming community you sexist moron.

People are criticising this game TOO much. I see people effectively saying that the have pretty much played the first 2 games just to see the ending where this is a game where you can talk to characters in a way that could almost resemble yourself in real life.

But then people feel that the entire game is crap cuz they're not satisfied its conclusion is worthy of their standards. Seriously gamers are expecting too much but then when something good comes out they shun it. None of the people who talk crap about this game have the right to talk shit about cod if they then don't want to support games which are very different to their predecessors.

SilentNegotiator2440d ago

Her argument is like saying you can't criticize a cop that brutalizes someone because you're not a cop (granted, putting yourself in their shoes is PART of it). If we had that attitude about everything, nothing would get done right.

Mike_Tha_Hero2440d ago

You pretty much proved his point with this nonsensical "we're fans, we know whats best hurdur" argument.

PopRocks3592440d ago

Complaining is one thing, demanding that everything be done your way is another. Also, harassing members of the Bioware staff and trolling an otherwise once okay community is NOT a viable method to getting what you want.

So thank you for completely missing the point of my comment. I even said that it's good to provide feedback to the creators in question.

Given that you haven't even played the game yet, you hardly have any reason to say anything negative about that game.

And finally, I have taken a business class in high school and then I took another in college. I'm well aware that paying bills is more than needed to keep these products going but gamers need to realize that they cannot have it all when they purchase a game (not to mention that Mass Effect 3's hype is so huge, I'm sure they could have sent a case full of lead and it would have still sold well).

Besides, the primary complaints I've seen surrounding Mass Effect 3 in particular have been nothing short of petty. Homosexual relationships where there supposedly should be none, they don't like one of the writers on the Bioware writing team because of something she said in an interview that they don't like and DAy 1 DLC.

I don't know about you, but only the third one seems like something to complain about. The first and second one are only issues to homophobes and misogynists who have a problem with the opinions of others.

BrutallyBlunt2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Ahh yes, the continuation of self-entitlement never ceases to amaze me.

Developers can spend 6 years making a game like Gran Turismo 5 with countless hours spent on the car models but if they only do 200 cars and 800 are not up the same standards people will bitch. Even if the game has more content than 97% of the games released.

One thing is for sure, people will often talk about the negatives far more than the positives. The same can be said about XBOX Live feedback. Chances are gamers will leave negative feedback far more often and more regularly than positive feedback. Most people likely have positive experiences but the consensus on forums would negate that.

Parents have done a piss-poor job at educating their kids the last decade or so. They are growing up to be spoiled adults who are quick to demand things. If Mass Effect 3 has 900 hours of content but has 1 hour worth of DLC embedded on the game disc watch out, kids will find out and we'll all hear about it!

snipes1012440d ago

It's not even about consumers criticizing developers anymore though. It's not like they're actually providing constructive criticism like "Well, this thing you did here didnt work out all that great, you could have improved that doing this."

No, it's just been a bunch of childish vitriol and screaming on message boards. There is NOTHING wrong with criticism, but this has turned into a crucifixion.

A lot of what I have seen is sweeping generalizations like "the graphics suck compared to 2," or "they stripped out even more RPG elements." Ok, well, there are A LOT of aspects that make up a game's graphics like textures, frame rates, lighting etc. Which part was bad. As for the RPG elements, what did they take out that made it even less of an RPG? Hell in my eyes the ADDED things back that two took out like weapon customization, loot and they even upgraded the skill trees.

It's not about being critical. Its about being a damn adult, something half of Bioware's fan base seems incapable of grasping at.

DragonKnight2440d ago

It's time for some basic facts. Are gamers today entitled? To a point, but for all of you complaining about that you are skipping over A LOT of reasons why. First of all, there's the internet. Internet gives a voice to everyone, no matter how illogical and fanboyish they may be. You'll always have someone looking to rile people up and that fits in with reason number 2.

The media. The media don't give a damn about anything but ad revenue. There is no accountability in gaming journalism and anyone with a webspace thinks they're an expert in the field. They have given people the idea that they should judge every aspect of every game and actual enjoyment has taken a back seat.

Reason 3. Money. We work hard for our money and when we buy something designed to entertain us, we want to make sure that it's actually worth our money. In this economy, every dollar counts and we're not going to just sit idly by (though some do) when we don't feel we are getting the full value for the money we spent. Day one, or on-disc DLC is a ripoff. That's not entitlement speaking, that's fact. When you pay $60 for a game disc, you're paying for everything on that disc assuming that you're getting a full game. You paid money in good faith for a complete product, and day one or on-disc DLC means the product IS NOT COMPLETE! Thus, you have the RIGHT to be angry that you have not received your full $60 worth for the game.

Reason 4. You're advertising a form of art that you want people to buy, expecting them to pay $60 for your concepts and explaining everything they are going to get. Then you purposely cut, or hold back content so you can get extra money when that content could have been put on the game. You have to work hard to get people to buy your product. That means NOT playing them for fools. Telling fans what they like, ignoring what they've already proven to you that they like, and making them feel like they aren't getting the full experience for the very expensive price they paid for your game is going to piss them off. When people talk about what they like and dislike about a game in forums, and they prove it with their wallets, THAT'S what you should be paying attention to. No one liked what you did with DA: II so why would you do it with ME3? What makes you think anyone would enjoy that? That right there smacks of ignoring the money. Not the userbase, but the money. When you piss off the userbase, you lose the money, plain and simple.

And the final reason is simply because we ARE entitled. We are entitled to getting the experience we paid for. We are entitled to getting the full value for our money. Past generations have seen us get more value for our money than we do today. Today it's all about segmented content, fragmented stories, and microtransactioning the userbase to death. We are entitled to express what we like in the games we PAY for. We are entitled to have our voices heard since NONE of these "artists" would have jobs without us buying their "art."

If you people complaining about entitlement like having your games cut up, like having things you like removed, like have games dumbed down, etc... then don't complain when you contribute to the downfall of quality and consumer rights. Simple as that.

morganfell2440d ago

Attacking gamers. Hmmm....just proves she STILL has no concept on how to handle her demographic. You know, the people known as paying customers.

And she is a FORMER Bioware employee now working for Riot Games the company that has made...League of Legends.

I really need not say anything more as she has done enough to undermine her own point of view as to make it, like her, completely irrelevant.

AngryTypingGuy2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

While I agree that gamers complain way too much and many tend to nitpick about every little thing they find wrong in a game, it is justified to complain about a game company trying to nickel and dime you to death.

I'm not saying that Bioware is, and I'm enjoying the hell out of Mass Effect 3. I'm guessing that ME3 is a complete experience, and so far I think it deserves all of the high praise it is getting. Definitely an early Game of the Year candidate. There is nothing wrong with day one DLC as long as the game in its original form gives a complete experience. If it doesn't, well then shame on them or any other company who would do that. But I am guessing that is not the case here.

BattleAxe2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

This has nothing to do with being a Producer. It has everything to do with monetizing the gaming industry so that gamer's pay for every single little thing in order to enjoy the full experience. She seems to think that people don't have a right to voice their dissatisfaction with how much they are being charged for a product.

I would compare what she is say to something like this: I'm a home owner who is getting pissed off with these Smart Meters being installed to measure my electrical consumption, for various reasons. I'm also pissed off with the price of electricity going up, and so what she would say in this instance is "Stop thinking you're and Electrical Company".

I also don't like Genetically Modified Foods, so maybe I should "Stop thinking I'm a GMO Farmer".

Put a sock in it Christina Norman!

Oner2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Completely agree with DragonKnight, morganfell & BattleAxe(+WellSaid).

Though additionally, my sentiments are more in line with how bluntly Archaotic over @ Kotaku says it (if you follow the link and actually read the article that is)...

Hozi2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )


Bubbles for you sir. I'd just like to say that I'm happy with the uprising of angry gamers for ME3. Why? because it lets those companies know not to F**k with us. We let this shit slide and before you know it all games will end up costing you over $100 with day one DLC.

I do not support publishers/developers who think they can manipulate the average consumer in this way. I will not buy another Capcom, or Mass Effect game until this shit ends.

gamingdroid2440d ago

I'm "kind" of siding with the developer here despite me not liking EA's DLC policies.

There is a lot more considerations behind the scenes, that the general consumer (or even dedicated gamers on this site) is unaware of.

Does it mean consumers should stop criticizing? Hell no! ... but sometimes we do take it too far and other times not enough alas Online Passes, which provides zero value to the consumer hasn't received as much complaint as DLC, yet it is far more damaging.

Day-1 DLC isn't bad at all if it is a high quality content. Does it matter when it was made or even if it was on disc?

I have never once played a game and felt the DLC was a necessary part of the game or the overall experience. It has almost always felt tacked on.

To the consumer it is the same, you get access to the content against a fee that you CAN choose to buy or leave alone.

Maybe someone can clearly, and concisely tell me what I'm missing here?

Jobesy2440d ago

I support people when they have legitimate complaints. For instance, having the option of Shepard being gay. That was a bad move of Bioware imo. I'm fine with it if it was written in the first ME game, but this is the 3rd installment and adding it now is just a move to increase the audience>increase profits. They did nothing more than rape the character.

Having said that, I do not support people who bitch about the game and still buy it. I heard so many comments to the tune of, "this is bs, but I'm only buying it to see how the story ends". You want to protest, fine, but you're not going to accomplish anything when you still buy the game.

Tr10wn2440d ago


You know League of Legends is highly successful and is one if not the most played game more than WoW? and its even changing the paid subscription meta to free to play? and has the biggest poll of money on a tournament in gaming? You don't really know what you are talking about, talk about undermining someone lol btw i love bioware and shes right you guys are bunch of tools.

Oner2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Disc Locked Content ultimately means they had the time to put it in but are charging additionally for it.


Sorry but there is no other discussion because if they wanted to support their game additionally (which is fine), then it should be coded/sold ~ AFTER the WHOLE game (on disc) is done. Not when launched...because no matter how you try to "explain it" they are getting something more out of YOU the consumer for work that has been included from the "get go" per se.

Nimblest-Assassin2440d ago

Ok... Im not going to take anysides on this arguement, because both sides are wrong.

BIOWARE: I enjoy your games I really do. I always believed that the ashes DLC was only supposed to be for people whom had bought the collectors edition of the game, and they still made it available for everyone to purchase. BUT YOU NEED TO TAKE CRITICISM. We are your consumers, and when we feel something is wrong, please at least listen to us, so you guys can make a great game that you enjoy making and we enjoy playing. When people get this idea of first day Disk locked content, people get pissed of because they feel like they are missing out on content. Rather than letting people get cheated, come out apologize and do something your fans will appreciate and love you for it. The best way to someones heart is to listen to them.



No one will ever listen to you if you start with an insult. No one. Be mature when telling Bioware or anyone for the matter of fact that you have a problem and maintain that mature manner. Sure I get it your pissed of, but you need to act mature, so they will understand HEY WE SCREWED UP, rather than F*CK YOU BIODRONES, YOU PIECE OF SH*T!

Also some of the things you complain about are rediculous and ignorant.


(Already ranted on this)

(Still have not beaten the game, I am savoring it, but I am still confused at the fact that people are mad at THE ENDING when their are 17. I can not comment on this yet, but can someone explain this ENDING everyone complains about? Thanks)

(This tends to be a personal opinion, Personally I view ME as this space epic equivalent to star wars and star trek, and enjoy the story and gunplay, but if you are dissapointed in the RPG aspect that is an opinion and you have every right to state it)


One of the metacritic reviews is "mass effect is a game that has Faggot niggers" Wow.... that is sad if gay relationships that can exsist in a game disturb you. One idiot said, the game is openly and forces you to be gay.... WTF? THAT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE! IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS SORRY BUT YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. JUST BECAUSE IT EXISTS IN THE GAMESPACE, DOES NOT MEAN IT FORCES YOU!

Yes I get it, their are a lot of fan arts of Tali, but if this is what Bioware wanted Tali to look like, accept it and move on.

You do not even need to interact with them in the game... I keep chobot in the basement of the normandy, and never talk with Vega.

Sure it is not needed, but it is a cool addition to the game, and extends replay ability.

----------------------------- -------------------Conclusion

Bioware: listen to your fans, some of them actually have good suggestions on how you can improve your games so all of us can enjoy them

Gamers: Stop acting like a bunch of immature idiots and act mature when giving feedback. Stop name calling and instead say you were dissapointed in BLAH, BLAH


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dedicatedtogamers2440d ago

Consumers can think whatever they want. We're the ones who pay your bills. You don't provide a product that's up to snuff? We'll complain.

Stop thinking you're exempt from basic business principles, Bioware.

TekoIie2440d ago

They are also entitled to reply to criticism that doesn't even give an explanation to why they thought the game was bad.

They released a demo giving you a taste of what the game was and if you didn't like it and then bought the game and still didn't like it then that's your problem...

palaeomerus2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

" They are also entitled to reply to criticism that doesn't even give an explanation to why they thought the game was bad. "

Yes, and we are entitled to not give a crap about their whining when it comes because it is stupid and pointless. Customer dissatisfaction is non negotiable. We are paying customers. Our opinion actually counts. Our feedback is valuable and can be used to make more money and correct bad development or publishing practices that alienate customers.

Ex-employees of a studio? Nope. Who cares? I will never at any point care if an ex-exmployee of a studio or publisher likes me or not. It will never make or cost me any money. it has no business value. it is a waste of time for this moron to speak and lecture customers of her former employer on what she thinks it is okay for them to think and say. She is totally irrelevant to EVERYONE involved. What she has to say is of no value or importance. No one has a business relationship with her. If anything she makes her ex-employer look bad. Beyond that, I doubt even the ex-employer cares what she has to say.

closnyc2440d ago

is this so? you do realize we pay for their food with our own money. We should be able to dictate what we want and demand respect since we pay for everything. Its not being an artist when you are doing day 1 DLC, or charging 60 bucks for a game and 10 dollars for a dlc thats 600 mb. You go from being an artist to a money grabbing little bitch.

TekoIie2440d ago

Then don't buy the dlc, simple solution. If you didn't think of that in the first place then I don't think your entitled to complain...

Ilovetheps42440d ago

But Pekolie, they are holding back content from the game from the gamer. It's now just a cheap, penny pinching business move. I don't respect it and refuse to buy their game because of it. You shouldn't treat your customers poorly when they are the ones that pay your bills. You can't just do whatever you want or be rude to your customers or else you lose customers. Without customers you are going to lost money or make less.

TekoIie2440d ago

True. day one dlc is not acceptable in any circumstances but a bigger way to "voice" your opinions would be to not buy the game. Your money is now theirs and the only way to get your point across would logically be to boycott The next DLC release. If that succeeds then you have proved that the people complaining are not the minority.

Heartnet2440d ago

So ur saying if the whole of the fanbase aka most of the game sales and future game sales say that they want the game done a certain way that bioware should just dismiss this?

We supply the funds to the publisher to keep the develeper alive so they shud cater to our whims and if they chose not to and p**s all over their market then they will lose out and go out of buisiness

ginganinja2440d ago

"So ur saying if the whole of the fanbase aka most of the game sales and future game sales say that they want the game done a certain way that bioware should just dismiss this? "

when said 'fanbase' then claims that all they're getting is the same game with a different number stuck on the front, a la COD, then yes otherwise there's never going to be any innovation.

krazykombatant2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Where in my other post did I ever say that things needed to be done MY WAY or the HIGHWAY!?!? Actually to be honest thats probably how things are being done with bioware and ea. this game has totally been made for the masses. Activision has had the title of ultra shit publisher and kotic being the devil. But EA is taking strides to gain that title back.

The BioWare from the days of old is dead everyone. Long gone are the days where we have epic stories like the ones in Kotor, Dragon Age:origins and the original Mass Effect. Sure its nice to have MP in there, in a way if you have 2 friends you can play on the MP and extend the value of the game and such. Thats fine, did I ask for it no... However, from what I've been looking through, it seems that its a lot harder to get a "better" ending without the MP. The multiplayer fills up the army readiness or whatever tab.. Once again I remind the readers that I have yet to play the game. I'm just going on the current themes that everyone is angry about.

"Harassing the BioWare staff" Well what do you expect when you have fans from the series from 2007 only to have the DLC slapped in your face. They could have gone out with a bang. Boom here we finished the triology were giving you some free DLC. Doesn't have to be the Prothean one just something that says. "HEY! thanks for supporting us for this whole time. Have this and enjoy our game as much as we enjoy your money". That would be fine.

You say that you took a business classes. But you seem to have been asleep during them, as a consumer I need to feel that I'm getting my moneys worth. Are there sufficient RPG elements in the game? Or is the game like the bioware staff called it a "roleplaying third person shooter" not and RPG but a tps with some roleplaying... Thats not what I was promised back when I bought ME. They told me that each playthrough would be more and more unique since you could make different decisions.

So what do I see when I ask people... Ohhh yeah BioWare says screw your choices and any possible questions... Were just gonna do this and your gonna have to deal with it.

I didn't say anything about the homo/lesbian things, could careless. As long as its not pretty much forced onto me as i walk around and ppl grab my shepards ass....

To end my rant I'm just going to say this, we pay and we have the right to give criticism, we can't expect to have everything we have, but we shouldn't need to be taken advantaged of.

EA has changed BioWare and BioWare has gladly turned into a whore for the masses. I'm still buying this game because I WANT to see how it all ends. But from what I see BioWare/EA (because you can't say its just EA, both are to blame). Didn't learn their lesson from DA:II.

EDIT:: By BioWare being dead I meant to say that if they really did screw up the ending of ME3 with their lead writer... Then good luck BioWare, since their lead writer left not too long ago.

LackTrue4K2440d ago

to all the people here compaling about the game (calling your self a fan???) "DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T BUY IT.....GET YOUR SELF ANOTHER GAME"

Megaton2440d ago

That's such a juvenile outlook.

Without criticism, there is no growth. The fans who have been there all along and have pumped the most money into the franchise through games/novels/etc. are well within their right to tell BioWare what they do and don't like about the game.

Jazz41082440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

If I was bioware I would say because of this we are going to shelve the mass effect series and concentrate on something new so we can put this behind us. If that's what you guys want then keep conplaining. Maybe bioware should have kept this series console exclusive.

Canary2440d ago

There a lot of high-functioning bullshit right here.

No one is immune to criticism. If you're making an entertainment product, just about the least-classy thing you can do is lash out at critics. This is even worse than Molyneux pre-emptively attacking critics of Fable 2 by saying it wasn't a game "for" gamers.


Well maybe we (gamers) are spoiled.

All i can say is if all the developers are concerned about is making their bit of Art and bringing their story to life, well why not just make the game and play it in your studio.. no need to sell it, it's not like you are making it for profit or anything.

Say what you want about us not having the right to demand anything, BUT if you intend to SELL that bit of shit you call art to me, then you better get ready for my opinion and suck it up if you really want to KEEP selling it!

"oh, but if you don't like it don't buy it" well I don't... which is why I have not bought ME3. ME2 turned me off and I could see where they were going with it. I was tempted though just to finish the story but after reading about the ending, well I don't think I need to anymore.

It's not that I want them to listen to every bit of fan opinion and base the game of that because it would just turn into a mess. However, If you want to keep the money coming in and keep the men in suits happy, the guys who say ye or nah.. well it may be a good idea to listen to the fans. You lost my purchase and there was I time I didn't think that would be possible.

TekoIie2440d ago

Arguably your criticism is pointless since your not a fan....


@ Pekolie

The thing is, I was a fan. In all honesty when this gen started ME was one of the biggest IP's I was looking forward to.

my biggest problem with ME1 was the technical problems it had and some of the changes they made. look at some of the very first demos and footage of the game and you will see what i am talking about.

after ME2 though it was more the change in direction and story that made me do a 180 in terms of how I felt about it.

The game, the story etc had sooo much potential in my eyes and it's just about the biggest letdown for me this gen.

hano2440d ago

You're a stupid rich kid who likes to bend down and take it.

Pyscho_Mantis2440d ago

its people like poprocks that are killing the gaming community. We are the gamers, there wages are decided by one else. If a game is shit....dont buy it and the developers will learn the hard way....but no stupid people and fanboys will defend their company and buy anything they dish out....this why we are seeing this DLC in ME3 and I will no doubt bet it will in later games too. Well done.

OhMyGandhi2440d ago

@ PopRocks359

I disagree with you.

had this been a game made by two 14 year olds on a weekend for xbox live arcade, then yes, I would feel sympathetic as well.

But when EA and Bioware team up and throw a game on the market; It's not about what artistic ability and creative freedom they can employ to show the masses a new experience.

it's more of a "marketable" sense of creative freedom.

I would like to hear a similar sentiment on "Infinity Ward", and how much people cared about their creative freedom to bring about "new experiences" as well.

DFresh2440d ago

I guess to not be outspoken is to get screwed over by greed.
If your fine with not having a full game or having an essential part of a games story being released as day 1 DLC then your not a gamer who cares about value or the gaming industry itself as a hobby.

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Godmars2902441d ago

Stop making plots which break narrative.

Actually, stop making f***ing cults of personality surrounding your games. You're only demanding they be picked apart and examined with magnifying glasses.

Drazz2441d ago

I miss the pre-ea bioware.....

dorron2441d ago

Gamer to former Mass Effect designer: Stop sending stupid messages to gamers.

Lord_Sloth2440d ago

Stop thinking we don't pay your bills!

magekyou2440d ago

what kind of a shitty excuse is that?
You are not FORCED to buy their game, therefor, you do not pay for their bills.

People heard EVERYWHERE how Mass effect 3 was gonna be, with all that Day1 DLC and shit, but they still decided they will buy the game, so they should stfu.

If you don't like the product, just don't buy it for christ sake.

But no, they buy the product, and then they want it to be like they desire.

Talk about a spoiled generation.

Hicken2440d ago

Duh. Why in the hell would you NOT complain about not getting something they way you want when you paid for it?

"Voting with your wallet" does not work, as there will always be people who don't care enough to "vote," so to speak. They're the masses of people who buy every CoD regardless, because it's CoD. People who decide not to buy CoD "vote" with their wallets, but the developers don't care, because someone who doesn't care about what those "voters" care about will still pick it up.

Day 1 DLC is crap. I dunno what the content of this particular DLC is, but I do not approve of Day 1 DLC from any company. If it's available from the day the game launches, there should be no extra cost. Period.

Tell me, if nobody complains, how in the hell will the developers know what problem we have with a game? And if people don't buy the game, how in the hell will they know what issues they do and don't like?

Lord_Sloth2440d ago

So we should give them GOTY like everybody else has been insisting on for them since they launched the 1st ME title and turn a blind eye to it's problems? I will not ignore an issue a game I have paid for has, lest it return for the sequel because we said nothing!

This producer needs to grow the hell up and realize that complaints are a part of the industry! You make a flawed product people tell you that and how it's flawed!

The fact that my money helps keep their company afloat is not a "shitty excuse" it's the damn truth!

Maybe you were fine with DA2 and ME3 but I wasn't and I really enjoyed the previous entries in both titles. Grow up and stop blindly defending a corporation that's raking you across the coals! What do you gain from ignoring the problems anyway?

Imalwaysright2440d ago

WTF? They cut content that is crucial to understand the story from the game to sell as DLC to abuse us. There is no fucking excuse for it. Oh and yes we kinda are forced to buy their game because we gave them our hard earned money and spent who knows how many hours to play their 2 1st games. It would be a waste of time and money to not see the conclusion of the trilogy. We supported them and we deserved better. Thankfully we have torrents and can give them what they wanted to give us: the middle finger.

ThreshStar2440d ago

Yes, because "spoiled generations" should just accept the way things are and not raise issues, merely shut up, by products and repeat.

Nevermind the fact that there are polls, beta testing, demos, etc...almost as if the gaming industry WANTS our input.

If they don't want our input, get rid of all that, talk about the game maybe twice (announcement that you're making it & the announcement that it's out), release it and move on to the next game.

Or, since we're not all mindless, emotionless cogs in the machine, we can call bull*** when we feel like we're being cheated or know, to let them know what they did may have been bad.

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