Mass Effect 3's Jennifer Hale Declared Gaming's Most Prolific Voice Actor

If the female version of Commander Shepard sounds familiar to you, it's probably because voice actor Jennifer Hale has performed in more games than any other actor -- ever.

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LOGICWINS2319d ago

Still haven't played through ME2 as a female yet. I'm kinda burnt out on the game already. I'll return to it in a couple of months.

extermin8or2319d ago

ahhh but i bet she's never had a game where she can be heard having a convo with herself? :p ergo Nolan North wins :p (mafia 2)

Deputydon2319d ago

She is far better than Male Shepard. His voice acting us so overrated, he never has emotion, always seems so plain.

duplissi2319d ago

... shes naomi hunter!? and samus!? and bastilla!? and emma emmerich?!