BioWare Clairfies ‘Mass Effect 3′ Multiplayer’s Influence on Game Ending

How much time do you need to spend in multiplayer to acheive the best ‘Mass Effect 3′ ending? BioWare says it shouldn’t matter at all… but clarifies why it might.

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N311V2466d ago

I don't normally play multiplayer but galactic readiness is giving me a reason to. Can see myself jumping online for short plays.

Legionaire20052466d ago

Still think they should of cut the multiplayer and fix the ending, just look at Fallout 3 for example they actually add more.

Laxman2466d ago

Cool man, which game developer do you work for?

Legionaire20052466d ago

None just a customer like you. If you play the Mass Effect series up until this point you would agree. This is a decision base game like their past games. If I was game developer or the one who makes the finally decision on what the game should be, I would cut the multiplayer. The multiplayer would of been better off as a spin-off. The fact of the matter is the ending was like a Deus Ex Human Revolution style ending filled with plot holes.

Laxman2466d ago

I have played the Mass Effect games up to this point.

Im a journalist though, so upon weighing up my opinions, I do agree that the multiplayer should have been cut. It is actually quite very good, and very well designed, but completely and utterly unnecessary for the game.

I do disagree with your opinion on the ending though. As a man who loves and respects storytelling and a good tale, I absolutely loved the Mass Effect 3 ending. I understand some people want more closure, or a nice fairytale ending, but I feel this kind of conclusion was a bold move from BioWare and was exactly what the writes wanted to do.

This is thier game, not ours. Their story, not ours. These are thier characters, that they have designed and created. We should have no say in the story these people want to tell with thier own creation. Would you ask a novelist to 'fix his ending' if you didnt like it? Its the exact same thing; these people have created a work of art, and have told the story they wanted to tell. It is not our position to tell them if it was the right way to tell it or not.

BattleTorn2465d ago

You don't have to personally develope the series to have your heart wrapped up in it.

The fans have their hearts in ME just as much.

antz11042465d ago

I think a multi like this that actually goes into the main arc of the game as the battle rages across the galaxy is pretty intriguing. Especially since it ties into the readiness which is VERY handy if you dont want to do the side missions. Either style you want to play this game has it covered. More should do it this way.

MizTv2465d ago

i played 1 mp game and i think it was fun but i dont know if ill play it alot. my mp time goes to bf3

Legionaire20052465d ago


Yo Laxman who paid you? Nowadays money talks in all forms of entertainment. Yeah Mass Effect series is great, still love it, but the build up until the end? Let me tell you why so many people are complaining.

Spoiler Alert!!!!

First I got to say why the hell have 2 disc on the 360 version, only to switch them around like 6 times? Mass Effect is the only game I know requires you to do that. The PS3 version and PC(what many are saying) ain't perfect neither. They all got their problems too that needs to be address. In Mass Effect 1 I saved the Rachni Queen as a future war asset, only to save her again, if you choose in part 3. But where is she and her army of Rachni in the end? They never explain how they could space travel from one star system to the next? Why no cutscene for them at the end? The same thing could be said about the other war assets. What happen to Aria's army of thugs(instead we got a comic about Aria and her Omega)? What happen to the Elcor(very interesting race), the Han har, and Volus with their army of bomb patrol? They had the opportunity to end Mass Effect in a great and memorable way, so why screw up the ending?

You talking about, "what the writes wanted to do," yeah kill Shepard with no good explanation. Let me ask you this. Do you remember back in Mass Effect 2 the mission Arrival that lead the way for Mass Effect 3? Remember how Shepard had to destroy a Mass Relay, only to kill off most of the Baterian race so the Reapers can't have early entry? Well the same thing happen to all the Mass Relays in part 3. Do all the star systems suffer as a result of this? Tell me does that make any sense as a writer? What about the old man and his grandson at the end of the credits? What was that all about(no hints of anything)? They are so many plot holes to talk about, so just admit it they screw up the ending. This won't end well for Mass Effect series, and expect alot of people to send back their games cause the ending. You don't see this kind of disappointment in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Learn from the best of any franchise trilogy.

BattleTorn2465d ago

Also, I'd go as far to say the series is too dependent on importing saves.

I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, and I've played the games on all 3 platforms.

When you play a sequel (ie Uncharted3, Gears3,ect) the game assumes you've played the previous.

In Mass Effect, it assumes you're completely new. And neglects the fans that've played the previous games but have nothing to import.

I've played them all, split across 3 systems, and when I played Mass Effect 3 it acts as though Wrex never existed, neither did Legion, Jack, Miranda barely knew me, ect.

They should really based a sequel as if everyone playing has played the previous. Not only those who've imported.