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Submitted by ktchong 2965d ago | rumor

A small but interesting scoop: Jade Empire 2 is coming

December 29th, 2007 -- Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News talked with someone who saw code for Jade Empire 2. It's coming for the Xbox 360, and it's real. (Jade Empire 2, Xbox 360)

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BIoodmask  +   2965d ago
Nice find on the article
I enjoyed the first Jade Empire. I liked KOTOR more but Jade Empire was definately a unique concept and had a pretty good combat system. The graphics(for the time) were really detailed also.

For anyone who has never played it this is a pretty cool video from Gametrailers.
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FCOLitsjustagame  +   2965d ago
I liked it, but I always felt it was missing something. I cant put my finger on what, maybe it was just too linear but it just felt like they missed on that one. I hope they correct whatever that "something" is for Jade Empire II.
HCS  +   2965d ago
i love jade empire
bring it on bioware

"The possibilities for the sequel are very interesting given where BioWare took the conversation and RPG system with Mass Effect. Would this be the Xbox 360’s answer to Heavenly Sword on the PlayStation 3? Probably not, given it is an RPG and not a fighting game first."

I love how articles always conclude to stupid crap like game x is answer to game Y. Heavenly Sword is nothing special............ i swear he acts like he doesn't play games.

He comparing Jade Empire to heavenly sword and halo 3 to mass effect.

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Nicosia  +   2965d ago
Man thats a nice suprise :) Bioware = The Blueprint of making awsome games!
nupes98  +   2965d ago
heck yea. I am so excited.
Bnet343  +   2965d ago
Jade Empire
was nowhere near KOTOR's awesomeness, but it was good. It was good as in 8/10 good. Not great. Just good. So high hopes for Jade Empire 2.
TheMART  +   2965d ago
Jade Empire 2, damn another main one for the 360 with many fans!
dachiefsman  +   2965d ago
awesome.....jade empire was a great game....hopefully the combat system is a lil tougher than the last go around!
HarryEtTubMan  +   2965d ago
hECK YEA MAN!!!! I LOVED the first Jade Empire!!! AWEOSME!

So what man the PS3 is better and has more coming... I dont hate or neglect my 360 though. I just dont like LIARS. They ar both awesome systems. Thats all there is to it.
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HeavyweightInTheGame  +   2965d ago
Do I need to get my eyes checked?
Strange comment from you Harry as I know you prefer the PS brand.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2965d ago
HarryEtTubMan pretending to own a 360 to try and gain some bubbles back, keep pretending HarryEtTubMan I don't think anyone believes you. All your comments reek of PS3rd Droid no matter how you lie and try and use a subliminal tactic.
fredy  +   2964d ago
Did Harry finally ake some MEDS?
Harry are you a closet 360 owner?

Must be the twilight zone...
Spike47  +   2965d ago

it's funny how 360 fanboys haver never payed attention to this franchise but now because it's going on the 360 it's special.

Just shows how desperate you guys are along with ms for good titles in 2008.

newsflash, Jade Empire was a great game, but just not popular.

Sorry, what I mean is that it's just not on par with mgs4, ff13, gow3

or gears of war or bioshock.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2965d ago
u made that assessment from 10 comments?
Nicosia  +   2965d ago
Bioware is a good company, and the first Jade Empire was much beloved. Its to bad people overlook it, and i guess you overlooked it before it even was announced. Its a sad state of gaming, gems never get the recognision.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2965d ago
Jade Empire did well enough to recieve sequal treatment, can you say that about LAIR or HS?
fresco  +   2964d ago
it'll be popular
MS has been doing a much better job marketing its first party titles for the 360
ActionBastard  +   2964d ago
When did this become a 1st party title? Do any of you know anything about publishing? F*cking classic.
GastoncklovesMP  +   2964d ago
i must disagree
Spike i must disagree i though it was great!!! I dont think people talk about it much because the asian culture isent as big on xbox as playstation.but still comparing it to something that is a long standing game like final fantasy does not make sense me to personally.
ActionBastard  +   2965d ago
Jade Empire was ok. It wasn't great. It wasn't fantastic. It was alright. Hopefully JE2 will tighten everything up. Franchise has potential. And a quick "Thank You" to EA for buying Bioware and pimping this title across all platforms (you know it's gonna happen).
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2965d ago
I hate to rain on your parade or mess with your wet dreams of this game but....
Have some news for you, 360 owners buy over 60% of EA's games. I think those days of EA nonexclusiveness are over, after all it's not EA fault you don't buy EA games, hell you PS3rd Droids have proven that you don't buy any freaking games.

It's called money and the PS3 has "proven" this year that it doesn't make money for games, makes money for movies but hell that was it's true purpose anyway.

MS will in fact keep thier exclusive titles that EA has aquired and if need be MS will write a big fat check with many zeros to insure that happens. I'm willing to bet money on this, are you?

You PS3rd Droids always assume that EA doesn't do exclusives but then you PS3rd Droids have never been to great at doing research. EA has done exclusives on "every" platform <---FACT Just tell those fingers of yours to do some typing at EA or Google and you just might be suprised to find out how wrong you Droids have always been. :D have a nice day.
ActionBastard  +   2964d ago
It's called business twerp. And as long as ANY money can be made, EA will have its hand in the pie. Same as Activision. See, there is thing that EA is not known for. It's exclusivity. Think what you will, but go pull up ANY EA or EA published game the past 5yrs and show me an exclusive game. And don't try to use EA Wii games because it's obvious why they are exclusive. Hell, even Boogie went to PS2. You really are blind. But to circle back to my point, prove me wrong. Step up. Be a man and show me and all of N4G an EA exclusive to one console. Google isn't claiming it, you are. Better yet, show me 1 EA game this generation that hasn't seen it's way to multiple consoles, given those consoles were available. So because 60% of EA sales are on 360, they should shut the door and stick to that 60%? You must still be in school.
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2964d ago
Ok I'll do the leg work sense your not that bright
There are 24 games found on the PS3 flatform

There are 45 games found on the 360 platform (not all due to 360 early release.

72 games found on PC CD
15 games found on PC DVD
10 games found on PC download Game range from Battlefield 1942, Rail Sim, Battlefiels Special Forces and Battlefield Veitnam. Games not found on 360, PS3 or anyother platform.

80 games found on PS2

58 games on the Xbox, includes Black and White

39 for the GameCube and the cube was out nearly out as long as the PS2

18 games found on the Wii and it's been out as long as the PS3

You are absolutly right EA makes "NO" exclusive games at all for anyone at anytime. You are now free to kick the floor and run off into the other room to throw a fit because you just got soooooo owned. Don't you hate the truth somtimes? Have a nice day PS3rd Droid :D
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ActionBastard  +   2964d ago
Reading comprehension bro. Because it is on 360 and PC and not PS3, doesn't make it exclusive. Wii games are centric to that consoles controller (see: above comment). PC games are PC games. You might throw in games from Trip's era to fail some more. Same for GC, PS2 and Xbox. You act as though they have built there business on exclusivity. We see how ALL of their "big" titles (JE would fall into this category, would it not)are all on 360, right? You can guarantee it will show up on other systems. This gen has proven to be less about exclusivity and more about cash grabbing. As proven by your 360/PS3 list of titles. No links for this gen? Did you forget the 360 came out a year before, so of course the PS3 didn't get Madden 06 (but it's still exclusive huh?) You're a tool. Really, you are.
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Zhuk  +   2965d ago
This is great news for Xbox 360 owners, Jade Empire was a fantastic IP fo the Xbox and it scored a 9.9 from IGN.

Yet another fantastic game from Bioware Only on Xbox 360. Bioware knows that Only the Xbox 360 is capable of realizing their creative visions thanks to its unrivalled power and award winning features.

They didnt even give the PS3 a look
ActionBastard  +   2965d ago
EA will not let $ sit on the table. Keep in mind, Bioware has no say in who it develops for anymore. But keep living in your fanboy world.
Snukadaman  +   2965d ago
Looks Like some of those 2008 xbox 360 games are slowly creeping out..
good news for xbox fans...I liked the first jade empire...and hopefully they will revamp most of the fighting...maybe like mass effect where you control the fighter.
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ThisIsWaiting  +   2965d ago
*loved* Jade Empire ...
for the Xbox. It was one of my personal favorites for the system.

I wasnt sure if there would be a second one, but knowing there is I could not be happier.
lou  +   2965d ago
Man I sure hope they can port this over to my Commodore 64. I haven't had a new game in decades.
BIGBAER  +   2964d ago
I knew this was in the works, but it's nice to hear a bit more. Little by little, MS shows its hand!
I had a blast with Jade Empire. I will grab this on DAY ONE!

There will be more 2008 surprises; Crimson Skies 2 anyone?

HCS  +   2964d ago
crimson skies
is wonderful, best flying game ever created outside panzer dragoon series.
tplarkin7  +   2964d ago
Jade Empire was bad.
JE stunk in every way.

If this rumor is true, I hope they are outsourcing the work. Please don't waste talent on JE2!
GastoncklovesMP  +   2964d ago
Sorry some1 needs to say it.
But i think only PS3 fanboys dont think 360/pc games are exclusives. Im not trying to be a fanboy but if it were true y would any1 buy a 360 than and also shadowrun was awsome to play with my brother who plays on pc.but mabye the PS3 fanboys r just mad about it just do what i plan to do and buy both of them when u get the money.
MegaTroll  +   2964d ago
This is the time where Jade Empire will fail. Even great games will have its downfall in a crappy system.

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