Assassin's Creed 3 will be "back to basics"

Eurogamer: "Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Assassin's Creed 3, has told an audience at the Game Developers Conference that the game aims to strip back the ballooning complexity of the series' mechanics and story. "

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dirthurts2467d ago

I think cutting back to the basics and honing in on what made the series great is a good idea.
The last two tittles, while great, where beginning to become saturated with things that weren't necessary to the game. Upgrading shops, and having groups of assassins with you and doing your bidding I could definitely do without.

princejb1342467d ago

You mean basics to like ac1
Hell no
Ac2 and brotherhood were awesome and gave me faith in the series again

QuodEratDemonstrandm2467d ago

But sending those recruits on missions all over the Mediterranean is a nice revenue stream.

FlareDReborn2467d ago

Hopefully no slow climbing like in AC1. Yeah it was more real but it was also a little to slow 8)

Gamer-Z2467d ago

Going back to what made the series great that's awesome i wish more devs would do this especially COD that game seriously needs to be refreshed.

Rearden2467d ago

I don't think CoD needs to "go back to basics", it's been stuck there for 5 years. It needs to evolve.

Bounkass2467d ago

Good. And non of those ridiculous online trophies either hopefully...

IcarusOne2467d ago

Sounds awesome. AC in the forest, climbing trees and snow stealth. Just what I didn't know I wanted. Kind of can't wait to see Valley Forge.

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