Kuma Kreations Ent WTF Gamers!?!? Slander Vs. Trash Talk

Quan Wrote: All right gamers this is your multimedia savant Quan here with a rather annoying situation that seems to keep growing and that is slander which some people confuse it as being equal to trash talk. They are not one in the same at all because Trash Talk is all about dissing your opponent’s skills in this case the form of video games and slander is pretty much anything personal towards their sexual orientation or life choices which I find it very ignorant. It is such a cop out to attack a person’s personal life rather than thinking up a witty come backs toward their own skills. That means you have minimum intelligence.

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FriedGoat2443d ago

Why do people even make things like this? The article was written with a 10 year olds grammar and this person clearly needs to look up the definition of slander again. I didn't watch the video because this should not be on n4g. This site is going downhill.

SavageKuma2443d ago

So explain how I don't know the definition of Slander and instead of just sitting there being mad, give me your opinion or definition of slander? Might I add that you sound like a ten year old upset so please elaborate on your problem with the article and maybe, just maybe I can do a better one next time.