Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Review []

GamingUnion: "Despite the fact that Sonic should be clearly better at running, Mario should be the obvious contender for anything jump related, and Wario should be completely banned from competing in any kind of athletic event, the 2012 Olympic games have heralded in a new crossover title to celebrate the upcoming Olympics. Those familiar with the prior games will get the general gist: characters from both Mario and Sonic franchises team up to compete in a wide variety of Olympic-related events, while at the same time being wacky and causing hilarity. If this were the duo's first run around in major sports things may be different, but being the third game in a franchise that has limited space to run, there are few surprises."

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mephman2444d ago

Meh, this could have been better.

Hardedge2444d ago

Didn't realize anyone actually got into these types of games.