One Piece Pirate Warriors Have Impressive Anime Graphics

Kotaku has released an article how Manga was brought to life in the PlayStation 3 game: One Piece Pirate Warriors.

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Snookies122470d ago

Eh, I think Ninja Storm is better looking in terms of anime-style graphics honestly. These are nicely done, but with Storm 2 and Generations, it looked nearly hand-drawn.

krontaar2470d ago

wow, that does look pretty damn good. Chopper even looked fuzzy! Can't mimic that with cel shading.

Megaman_nerd2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

characters look like bad designed plastic dolls. Specially Nami, she looks really creepy. In fact, everybody looks very weird like in those old ass CGI's from the PS1.

Vlaitor2470d ago

I'll be frankly honest and say that the animation from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation looks more fluid and eye candy.

Instigator2470d ago

There's nothing "anime" over the graphics. It's in full 3D CGI, whereas anime is handdrawn 2D. Like Snookies said: it's not bad, but UNS/Generations looks more true to it's origins than this.

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