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Xbox Live Account Hacked for Recon Armor

It looks like Microsoft has done very little to prevent hackers from stealing Xbox Live accounts, this time somebody's account was stolen in Halo 3 because he had the ultra rare Recon Armour. (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

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gamesR4fun  +   2704d ago
wow live sounds about has safe has windows...
sad for a closed system run by the self proclaimed system experts....

edit: Point m8 no point in bragging up psn on an xbox thread but this really sucks for all of those paying users. Hope they get the message and fix it.

edit2: started a thread here on how to secure you live account (hopefully well get some good tips) http://forums.n4g.com/prote...
ps if you have any sage advice please add it.
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The BS Police  +   2704d ago
Don't bring PSM into this.
XBL is a great online service, the whole point of this newsstory is to get the word out to Microsoft that they need to add more security into their service.
jack who  +   2704d ago
looks like Microsoft has done very little to prevent hackers from stealing Xbox Live accounts
maybe thats because you stealing Xbox Live accounts and useing it at your house...is like goin to a police HQ and stealing a gun....(for those of you that dont know m$ know where you are down to which room in your house when ever you log into live so go ahead steal Xbox Live accounts and enjoy 10 years in jail.
gamesR4fun  +   2704d ago
lol 10 years
lol lol lol
m8 no ones ever gotten charged for stealing an M$ account and Ill guaranty M$ will never charge anyone for it.

edit it be interesting to see someone file a civil suit over it tho unlikely to ever happen.

edit @ jackwho theres a big difference between giving the cops what they have a legal right to demand and putting the money, time and negative pr into policing your own systems... Not like this is a M$ thing tho its pretty standard practice for any big corporation to avoid extra cost and neg publicity m8
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jack who  +   2704d ago
ms has alredy used this to help the cops n track missing xbox360 shipment...and you think Ms will never charge anyone for it??...you need to go read the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Privacy Statement
SKUD  +   2704d ago
Thats a new LOW.....
Just pathetic.
Bnet343  +   2704d ago
It's called phishing. People put their real info on their gamercards allowing people to hack into their Windows Live ID.
Bullseye  +   2704d ago
What you describe
isn't really the definition of phishing, but your point is a very valid one,nonetheless.Never put real world info in to insecure systems,as you imply in your post.A bubble for a very 'aware' comment.
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Mikelarry  +   2704d ago
hacking xbox live accounts for gaming rewards some hackers are sad. lol imagine if they catch him and he goes to jail where all the tough guys are bragging about who theyve ****ed and he comes up am here cuz i hacked someones xbox live account cuz he got an ultra rare halo armour. tut tut
BLuKhaos  +   2704d ago
ha ha he's going to get back door hacked
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2704d ago
Wow that really must suck. Having a something rare or a high rank online and boom, everything gone by a ten year old hacker.
v1c1ous  +   2704d ago
i'm thinking to myself
aside from MMOs, what exactly can you do by hacking a HALo account of all things?

you cant trade items, cause there arent any. you could probably make someone's rank go down by dying a lot but...who knows.

only game i can think this would be really horrible is chromehounds (give away cash to your country...which is a good thing. or sell items...but you can buy em back for same price)

or FF11 :/
DJ  +   2704d ago
Sucks that Microsoft is completely ignoring the account hacking issue; the fact that he was able to get 'protected information' on the guy who hacked his account is already a bad sign.
Mikey_Gee  +   2704d ago
I really doubt it.
I think you are a little quick to say MS is Ignoring it.

Security is a huge issue with ANY company.
Texas GMR  +   2704d ago
I had some "phishing" e-mail this
morning asking me to log into my gold account. I reported it as spam. Hmmm, makes you think.
Bullseye  +   2704d ago
Here phishy phishy :) Good you didn't bite :)
aba  +   2704d ago
Hackers=f@gs. Get a life losers.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2704d ago
LEts see
128 bit cryptographic military grade servers for credit card information and xbox live info....hmmm yep it was neither xbox live, nor microsofts fault it was the users.

DOnt give out your information online people, and have a password longer then abc123 or pencil on ur account.

This was not microsoft or xbox lives fault but a users.

and as you can see SOCIAL engineering throughout the forum post. therefor xbox live wasnot hacked stupid people we're.
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Hatchetforce  +   2704d ago
Did you read the original posts - not the ones at Bungie.com but the original thread where the hacker replied? According to the hacker he busted the account by talking to a MS support rep. If he was able to talk the rep out of the info how is that not Microsoft's fault?
Bullseye  +   2704d ago
Another excellent point!
Hah. Social engineering, the crackers best buddy! You are crack on sir.A good warning to all. feedback for you!

10.1 ^^^^^ I agree MS very lax and irresponsible. You make a great point,but this, as William RLBaker points out,perfectly illustrates social engineering, not a weakness in the actual security 'S/W system' as such,nevertheless a breach in the system as a whole, agreed.
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Blitzed  +   2703d ago
Dude, did you even read the story? The hacker replied and said he got the info from MS over the phone. Your right, no hacking, but it is an MS screw up. I have never seen anyone defend a company like you, I hope MS pays your bills, otherwise you are a desperate loser. Jesus, I'm sure MS will rectifdy the problem, so just relax.
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Bladestar  +   2704d ago
at all of the people comments the only two comments that actually mentioned what the real problem is are Kigmal and WilliamRLBaker... lol... funny how DJ.. who's usually acting as he knows what he is talking about "Hacking"... xbox live was never hacked...
how can you stop someone from being tricked into giving their password?

Caller; "Hello Mr. ????.. my name is ??? and I work for your local bank... I noticed you account is showing a transaction of $300 for Sears... Is that correct?"

Victim: "uhh.. yes"

Caller: "I see... your account was locked for security reasons after that very same transaction was posted 2 times... mm.. .it seems that the sales rep at the store made a mistake... good thing our bank have a system to prevent this kind of errors..."

Victim: "ohh thanks god!"

Caller: "Nothing to worry sir. Is your credit card last 4 digits 9234?"

Victim: "wait... let me check!... yes it it.."

Caller: "OK... In order to fix this I going to need to verify your information"

Victim: "OK"

Caller: "Can you give me the 16 digits number in your card?"

Victim: "???? ???? ???? ????"

Caller: "Security code?"

Victim: "????"

Caller: "Exp date"

Victim: "??/??"

Caller: "Please hold... We are all set... we cleared the transaction and everything is in order. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Viction: "No... Thanks.."

Caller: "You are welcome"

.... all that from a credit card recipe the caller found in the garbage...

What would you think this the victim call his bank later saying that his account was hacked? lol...
gamesR4fun  +   2704d ago
Im not sure thats the case m8
We know the 360 has been hacked for a while know and from what I know the latest 'soft' mod includes a bybass for M$ security (we know it works has they are still using it on live) imo its not a far step from that to being able to hack M$ security to get a password...
Also the original poster was pretty clear about him not giving out his info and chances of a rep giving out personal info when they get trained not too seem pretty slim...
Still hoping your right tho.
Blitzed  +   2703d ago
Read the story and then see my reply to Will above as the same applies to you. It may be a surprise to many of you but MS is fallible, they do make a mistake once in a while.
MegaTroll  +   2703d ago
This Proves...
that 3FixMe sucks! See, you pay for online service and you get nothing but aping sh!t in return. PS3 ALL the WAY!
aba  +   2703d ago
and you just proved your a tard. Begone troll, your f@ggotry is not wanted here.
ScottEFresh  +   2703d ago
With bannings, accounts being hacked and with just general retards poluting XBL it's a wonder you people can bring yourself to pay a monthly fee for it.

*goes back to playing CoD4 on PSN where he doesn't have to worry about getting banned, hacked or dumbass 15 year old retards with achievement points* oh ya did I mention it was free?
wallace1000  +   2703d ago
There are some sad people out there. Hacking is lame any day of the week but hacking for armor in a game. Someone needs to get a life i think.
Pain  +   2703d ago
Use a Mac
cuz they use exploits in window to get your info right?

Once agin M$ fails. lol M$
gamesR4fun  +   2703d ago
'live' in fear
So basicly any smart ten year old with a grudge can take out your account and theirs nada you can do about it? M$ cant or wont restore accounts yet they want me to pay for their online?
Doubt Ill hook mine up until they fix it...
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