Pach-Attack on Nintendo's new console

Pach-Attack: "Will the Wii U suffer the same fate as the premature Dreamcast? What's the budget of AAA game? Plus, how many copies of a game must be sold to make some serious dough?"

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Sobari2442d ago

Wi U won't go the way of the Dreamcast, because unlike Sega, Nintendo actually knows how to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Ck1x2442d ago

Not to mention that the sega saturn sold less than 10million systems in an era where the ps1 sold over 100 million systems. So sega had no momentum whatsoever going into the next generation... Even with the gamecube, nintendo made lots of profits in everything they did. From the hardware, accessories and software sold. So this whole nintendo pulling a sega is just ridiculous really! If it came down to it where a generation of home consoles became so bleak for nintendo, then maybe I could see them retiring for a few in the home console area, just to refocus their business strategies. But they have a very, very successful and profitable handheld business so nintendo isn't pulling a sega anytime soon...

CaptainN2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Nintendo will not let their next home console fail.......its their future for the next 5-6 years. The system will do fine once everyone finally see's that it really is a next gen system. To many haters are listening to fanboy rants about how Nintendo isn't hardcore or isn't into graphics etc. The system is confirmed to be pushing 1080P natively, has a new way of interacting with games via the tablet controller & also has NFC, has a brand new online structure called Nintendo Network, has "core" games that will be there at launch like Assasins Creed 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman, Ghost Recon Online, Darksiders 2 etc.

We also have Nintendo attracting their normal audience by publishing a new Lego City Stories game as well as Pikmin 3 at launch. I am sure we will get teasers for some of their core franchises such as Mario, Smash Bros, Metroid, Zelda and I still have a feeling Retro Studios is going to wow everyone with a new Starfox at E3. Never count Nintendo out of the gaming sector. This is their yard, and their house. MS and Sony are just the neighbors who have other projects they work on as well. Nintendo knows how to sell games period. Anyone can look up who has the best software sold of all time.

Also, I predict that at E3 the Wii will get a price drop to $99.99 as to help increase the sales of the Wii and keep it going in the market. The sales have been declining as the hype has wore off and the amount of software being produced has decreased dramatically. This will give it a shot in the arm to get those last people on the fence who aren't ready to spend a large amount of money on a Wii-U.

Hey this predicting is fun.....Pachter, I think I'm ready to apply for your job, maybe if I get a lot of bubble ups from everyone on here I can show the world my forcasting for gaming trends too :p

frequentcontributor2442d ago

Well, Pachter's comments were very fair and even-handed. He simply said that he doesn't think the Wii U will sell well and that it should have come out 3 years ago. I would agree that the Wii was having a severe software drought since the months leading up to Skyward Sword, and that basically no "core" 3rd party software has been released on the system in quite awhile. There's finally some fun games coming out again, but they're all from Nintendo... That's sort of the hand Nintendo deals, though: you buy a system from them to play their games and hope you get some other good stuff, too... I don't really agree that the Wii U is basically a "this generation" system 5 years after the fact, though. It assumes that graphics are the only thing driving gaming, which the Wii, DS, and 3DS have shown not to be true. Even iOS games, which are stealing away casual gamers and creating entirely new ones, are very much into "bad" graphics (they're slick, but generally simple...). We'll have to wait to see the Wii U specs as well as what the PS4 and 720 look like.
I am bummed that the. "mid-tier" games have sort of died off. I think the Wii and DS were good in that regard because their underpowered graphics kept development prices down for smaller companies. That most console games have to sell a million + units to make any money is unfortunate, because it restricts creativity. That's why I like smaller downloadable titles, because they can be shorter and have smaller budgets and take chances. PC games are seemingly another place to find originality and the prospect of being able to deal in smaller sales figures. I'm curious about the rumored Steam Box console that would play downloaded PC titles through our tv's. I don't really game on my computer, so putting those indie titles into my living room is a unique draw for me.

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