Phantasy Star Online 2 alpha version hints at English localization

SEGAbits: "You know SEGA, if you just leave hints in the code, we SEGA nerds are going to end up finding it. Remember all the stuff found out from the Sonic Generations demo? You know your fans are going to be checking ever single line of code for hints of exclusive information. Well, here is some that might make you smile."

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xursz1964d ago

I'd wrestle a bull for this to be true.

awi59511964d ago

Well after they screwed up the last one and tried to make us pay for it. When the game was just a bunch of random dungeons .I sure hope they learned their lesson.

lodossrage1964d ago

There is a PSVita tag up there.

This is gonna be a Vita game too?

gtxgamer21964d ago

Hope itll be free 2 play

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