The Vita's Killer App

Some people may already be counting the handheld out, but here is why one of the biggest franchises of this console generation will be the Vita's saving grace.

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Abriael2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

It's not a "device". It's a portable gaming console. Better keeping that horribly generic "device" definition for just as generic implements like the iWhatevers.

PS: given the sales numbers the Vita doesn't seem to need a "saving grace" at all.

Ganzi2269d ago

The numbers may seem good right now, but if it repeats the decrease in sales like it did in Japan following it's launch, you may be singing a different tune. Also no exact numbers were given for the americas, which isn't a great sign either.

I don't want the device to fail, and I don't think it will. Just read and you will see why it won't.

GraveLord2269d ago

Why put "Irrational Games" in the tags if you don't mention Bioshock anywhere in the article?

Ganzi2269d ago

because I mention Irrational in the title, and how they can make it so that there isn't just one killer app.

Jobesy2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Shitty article.

"However, others are already claiming the device is dead in the water"

Who the hell is saying that besides fanboys in forums and comment sections? Shitty writing, shitty article, please keep your worthless crap off N4g.

Ganzi2269d ago

I am sorry you think that. We are trying to get our tech site off the ground, so is there something a little more constructive that you could add to help. I am not actually being sarcastic, any feedback would be great.

fei-hung2268d ago

Problems with the article are:

1) picture used and article tell 2 different stories. Article is all about COD whilst the pic is Irrational Games. I know you gave a reason but its a rubbish reason mate!

2) saving grace is like making a mountain out if a mole hill since WW figures seem pretty good at this point. If you want to write a fair article, why not assume both ends of the spectrum? If you dont, you could have wrote something down the lines of, "how to keep up the momentum." saving grace gives the perception the Vita is on a life support machine.

3) so American numbers arent exact, but yet they are still good and then there is an important thing called the rest of the world which u lost focus off. Yes, COD would help greatly in America, but wot about Japan? Why not talk about Monster Hunter or Persona or Phantasy Star or Yakuza or those quirky games like Gal Gun?

What about Europe? And what about the lack of hack n slash games?

4) how could you forget the app store which could help for all devices Sony has includind the Vita. Youtube app, vidzone app, lovefilm, netflix, bbc iplayer etc

5) like the Ipads etc why not allow the Vita to throw games, browser etc onto the tv using the ps3?

Not just yours, but many articles are crap since they dont cover a full story or news item. They nit pick on something and fill them with whatever stance they think will sell or cause flamebait. Lack of substance has become the biggest crime in internet journalism, butchering what used to be an art and worthy skill.

Since this is a new venture of yours, please do not be like the many other sites and fill the WWW with nonesense.

bubwright2269d ago

call of duty will only be the big seller for the vita if its the same as console multiplayer

MastaMold2268d ago

@bubwright, yea i think Uncharted Golden Abyss already proved your statement wrong as its a big seller for the Vita since launch as Vita is doing great no matter how the haters try to spin it.

bubwright2268d ago

im not trying to hate. and im not sure how UC has proved my statement wrong seeing as it has no online, of course its sold well. 1, its a launch title and 2, not many games compare to UC that are on the vita anyway

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