CVG Preview: The Last Of Us: Making the apocalypse interesting again

More is emerging about the story in The Last Of Us. With 99 percent of games we wouldn't care - oh, we've got amnesia, you say? - but Naughty Dog is different. The story matters. Leading beard Joel is a 40-something black marketeer with a dark past, while 17 year-old Ellie is not his daughter - Joel's simply been paid to smuggle her out of the safe zone.

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mayberry2446d ago

This, Starhawk and Dust 514 look awesome!

Chitown712912446d ago

Starhawk doesn't look awesome....STARHAWK IS AWESOME!!!! I played that game for like 3 hours straight today! That game is beast!

DigitalRaptor2446d ago

Starhawk and Dust 514 are going to be 2 of the best multiplayer games of this year and of many years to come. No matter what platform you game on, those are 2 games that will probably go largely unnoticed unless promoted by gamers like us.

Dust 514 is less likely to slip under the radar since it has the attention of PC gamers (Eve Online players), and the fact that it's a large scale F2P persistent shooter on console is a huge draw.

Like Chitown71291 said, Starhawk is beast and ridiculously good fun, especially with the new 32-player map and new vehicles - tanks and jetbikes!

On topic, The Last of Us continues to look great. I love the fresh approach to the post-apocalyptic world that ND is recognizing and bringing to light. I hope they show some gameplay at E3.

2446d ago
Virtual_Reality2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Sounds very interesting to play this in the hardest difficulty.

Also I want to see the AI behavior, I have a feeling ND is focus to make an appropriate AI for this genre.