Would You Rather own a Vita or a 3DS?

TQ writes: The question that I am going to ask all of you today pertains to the two hottest handheld systems on the market right now, the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Please remember that the process involves my answer first, and then yours after. Here we go.

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Amazingmrbrock2473d ago


After the last handhold generation which had four different psp's and four (five?) different ds sku's. I am waiting for the second or perhaps third release version of each.

For the PSV I'm waiting for one that hopefully has a hdd in it, and for the 3ds to come stock with a second analogue thing.

In addition to the hardware benefits I expect a betnter price and better stock of games, also at better prices.

Baka-akaB2472d ago

in such cases waiting brought squat besides a better price .

To each their own but a redesign aint worth missing a year of great games .

raytraceme2472d ago

agreed with baka-aka

I waited for prices for games to go down or something like that and never got through getting them. I missed playing those but with school and etc... I really can't get them anymore :(

Fortunately I didn't wait for the vita and I haven't regretted that decision at all.

gamingdroid2472d ago

Neither I just play on my console at home and my smart phone on the go. Why drag another brick with me let alone the price tag?

ginsunuva2472d ago

Hdd in vita? I'm pretty sure you mean flash memory. Hard drives aren't used in mobile devices anymore.

sikbeta2472d ago

Bleh, will wait for Vita redesin and $100 price drop minimum, handheld are going the way of the dinosaurs anyway, so there is no point in paying so much for them :P

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kikizoo2472d ago

Would You Rather own a ferrari or a bicycle ?

Game4life2472d ago

A bike lol.
I have my reasons. For example the fact i will never be able to drive due to vision problems.

To each their own though.

n4f2472d ago

i rather have the bike cause :
-the insurance might kill me
-putting gas in it wont help on your wallet
-the tires must cost alot too
-i travel a lot so i cant really put stuff in it
-theres not enough space for my friend
-if accident or a normal malfuntion after warranty happen, do you know how much more its gonna cost you for or insurence?
-i cant drive it everywere
-cant park it everywere

BlindGuardian2472d ago

yes, both, and I do

I have the 3Ds with Mario Land, Mario Kart, Resi Revelations and Ocarina of Time and they're all awesome

I have Vita with Uncharted, Wipeout, Unit 13, Motorstorm, Escape Plan and Stardust and are all awesome too

if you're a real gamer and money is not an issue you NEED THEM BOTH

Titanz2473d ago

That question is like poking a bee hive with a stick.

LX-General-Kaos2473d ago

Everyone that supports the Nintendo 3DS will be provided with amazing dual screen tech, and 1st class exclusive Nintendo offerings. 3rd party exclusive support is also at an all time high due to the industry leading specs and massive forever growing install base of the Nintendo 3DS console.

With amazing exclusives being rained down on the Nintendo 3DS consoles an elite gamer cant go wrong. There is something for everyone of all ages.

This month alone marks the launch of Nintendo exclusive Kid Icarus Uprising. The proof of the greatness of an in house exclusive is all there.

You can expect amazing offerings like example above on a regular basis from Nintendo. The Playstation Vita looks promising as well. Have a good day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

MySwordIsHeavenly2472d ago

Does it have a good 3rd person action/adventure/shooter?

What about the best baseball game ever created?

What about a straight up fast action hack 'n slash?

What about the best version of FIFA?

What about cross-platform play?

What about Katamari?

What about a 3rd person mission-based shooter with dual analog controls and online co-op?

When do all of THOSE things come out for the 3DS? Because...when it gets THOSE things...I'll buy another one. Sold my first one.

axisofweevils2472d ago

Does the Vita have an amazing 3D effect?

What about the highest rated game of all time?

What about two new Monster Hunter games?

What about Mario, Zelda, Pokemon?

What about Pushmo?

cpayne932472d ago

Although axis has a point, the remake of the highest rated game of all time is not the highest rated game of all time. Still though, each has its own great games and reasons to buy, but once burning skies and gravity daze come out the Vita will look a lot more appealing to me than the 3ds.

Tonester9252472d ago

haha nothing close to amazing! The first time I played a 3DS it was at walmart. "Oh this is how you turn the 3D on, WOW THIS ISN'T 3D" Looks like CD covers that you can move around and it's a Illusion of it poking out. Not a big Game Changer. I could live without it lol

MySwordIsHeavenly2472d ago

3D - No. It's unnecessary on that screen. I have a 46" 3D tv and MLB 12: The Show looks pretty darn good on it. ;)

Highest rated? I don't care. Ocarina of Time is fun and everything, but...I'm not going to purchase it all over again.

Monster Hunter sucks. I'm sorry, but it's too slow to be fun on any real level.

Mario? I like Mario, but it gets old. Zelda? We discussed that. (See: Above) Pokemon? mean the really crappy Pokemon game that's on it? Rumble Blast? Yeah, that doesn't count. Black & White are awesome, but those are for DS.

Pushmo? I don't even...

ronin4life2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

@my sword
"Does it have a good 3rd person action/adventure/shooter?& quot ;
Metal gear and resident evil.
Kid icarus is also on the way.

"What about the best baseball game ever created?"
And you call mon hun slow? Pfff.

"What about the best version of FIFA?"
Wow, 2 sports games? How is that any kind of value indicator?

"What about cross-platform play?"
Since it actually has a number of games you can't buy anywhere else, I don't think it really needs this feature.

"What about Katamari?"
What about it?
There are plenty of games the vita doesn't have as well.

And the last question, again, RE.

MySwordIsHeavenly2472d ago

RE has online co-op?!? That's awesome!

Your answers were less than satisfactory. I expect better answers. Putting "The Show" into the "just another sports game" category is a gross misunderstanding of the game, entirely.

You're saying that because it has a few good games, it doesn't need an awesome feature that the Vita has?, that could work for anything then. Since it has awesome games, it doesn't need a solid web browser, Facebook, Twitter, a second analog stick, or a more powerful engine...

mamotte2472d ago

What if I dont care about none of these, but I care about Layton, Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, Mario and stuff like that? Do I get disagrees?

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AusRogo2472d ago

I have never seen a nintendo fanboy like you, wow.

Outside_ofthe_Box2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

You seem to be very informative. Can you please tell what will be provided for everyone that supports the Vita? Feel free to PM me.

~3E~ Rated E For Everyone ~3E~

LX-General-Kaos2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

The Playstation Vita just launched so I have not a clue of what is to be provided. I do know that I have played a demo of Gravity Daze and it was amazing. Wipeout was pretty much a console experience. Very nice game and appreciate what I played for the short moment..

My fav game on the Vita so far.

Really worth the premium price. Most likely AAA across the charts. Hopefully the fans support it to push the devs to make a part 2. It would be all around great for gaming as a whole.

Thats the type of game that is going to shape the future. Once it drops price I may even purchase a vita myself. Its an amazing console experience on the go.

Another thing that is appreciated about the Playstation Vita is that I am also able to take my fav playstation game of all time Final Fantasy 7 on the go. With a nice clear HD screen to keep the action crystal clear.

Rated E For Everyone

DeeZee2472d ago

I own both, but if I had to pick one I'd go with the PS Vita.