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Submitted by Rowland 1432d ago | article

Is The Xbox 720 Going To Kill Off Second Hand Gaming?

Bit-Tech: The rumour that the next Xbox won’t have an optical disc drive is, in reality, of little surprise. Recently, we’ve seen Sony remove the disc option from the PlayStation Vita console, instead urging us more towards downloading our games. Sony is still selling games in stores on cards, but you do get the impression that its heart is hardly in it. Mind you, the price it’s charging for storage cards may yet kybosh the latest part of its plan to get us downloading Vita titles.

The Xbox 720/Xbox 3/Whatever It’s Called is a different proposition entirely, though. Not wishing to slight handheld consoles in any way, when serious gamers look to a games machine outside of the PC, they invariably look at the kind of machine that can sit under the telly. So, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Each of these has an installed userbase of over 60 million worldwide, and each is attracting major, blockbuster games, costing tens of millions to produce. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Amazingmrbrock  +   1432d ago
Personally I think if they do that they will end up selling less consoles.

I probably wouldn't get one, granted I could be persuaded. I mean steam doesn't let me sell my games. That's alright though because I almost only buy games on sale from steam.

If I get the games for low enough I don't have a problem not selling or trading them.

With my consoles however I often trade in games I don't play. They games are too expensive, even when their old. On steam I got fallout 3 for 7.99 on sale, and new vegas for 9.99. Both of those are 14.99 for a console in store used, I think new copies cost a bit more.

Even the online stores of sony, microsoft and nintendo overprice compared to their competition. There's not much of a digital discount, their sales are much less than the competeing services, and their base prices are just hire.

Compare games that are on smart phone app markets that are ported over to the consoles. Their often five to ten times as much.

I know thats largely because there's a high price for the dev kits of consoles. That is the fault of the console manufacturers though. For some reason developing on consoles is like a premium area where you often end up paying many thousands of dollars for a dev kit and the right to develop on them. I think this will increasingly become a problem for consoles.

This is an area where pc's are beginning to shine more and more. There are lot of truly innovative pc only games, made or being made by insdie developers. Which cannot be said of most consoles. Except the xbox with xna, which has problems and barriers of it's own.
dark-hollow  +   1432d ago
No because the nextbox won't remove optical disk drivers.

we’ve seen Sony remove the disc option from the PlayStation Vita console, instead urging us more towards downloading our games. Sony is still selling games in stores on cards"

They removed the UMD because the vita cards are way more effecient, smaller and doesn't require a battery hungry, noisy disk driver.
nitrogav  +   1432d ago
The day when Sony or Microsoft have no optical drives in their consoles is the day I won't buy either of them . I do believe Microsoft will be first to do it because they have proved this gen that really they have lost sight of their core audience . All this kinnect stuff lately is an indication of their next direction . Casual games for casual core gamers anyone ? .
arnyftw  +   1432d ago
Dude seriously why do people think if ms goes digital only we will have to use the marketplace, stores will probably sell download codes for games and you can buy your stuff off amazon. Yes you wont be able to trade you games, but I have never sold or bought a used game. The bad thing of this is that you wont be able to take games to friends houses and play them with them. The only reason I have bought several games and have been introduced to their series is through friends. I would have been introduced to the fallout series if a friend hadent lend it to me and then I wouldnt have gone on to buy fallout nv. I probably wouldnt have bought bf3 if a friend hadent lend it to me. But why do we need to kill second hand gaming when most games have online passes anyway? They should just make their online store better to convince people to buy from them.
Dark_king  +   1431d ago
Wait do vita games only work on one vita?

I don't see it happening games keep increasing in size needing larger space for data.Higher quality sound need massive amounts of space.High detailed textures take up more space then low detailed textures.
Disc are cheaper to manufacture then cards.Gig per dollar disc wins hands down.Ms may want to push digital but money is always the main goal.It will cost more then Bluray so I don't see MS taking that route.
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Waddy101  +   1431d ago
No. A Vita game, the physical format, will run on any Vita regardless of where it was first run.

I would agree with you there, cheap affordable solid state memory just isn't happening at the moment in the kind of sizes that these next-gen consoles will require. If they go Disc-less then that is a bad move in my opinion.
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jvanik  +   1431d ago
If this is true, I will refuse to buy the next console and will go straight to the Playstation brand. I even might begin to just play games on the PC.
Dark_king  +   1431d ago
Its not all bad though,If games ran off a card loading times would be pretty much gone.
josephayal  +   1431d ago
I dont care, X720 Day 1
Dark_king  +   1431d ago
I think you should at least wait till they announce games before you say your getting a game system.Just seems stupid to think a console will be something you want when you know nothing about it.That goes for any system.
Nodoze  +   1431d ago
Yeah because we all know the MS quality control would prevent a faulty product from being released....err wait.

Good luck with your beta testing.
nik666uk  +   1431d ago
They've already killed off gaming period, I wouldn't urinate on a fanboy esp an xbox fanboy if he was on fire!! Go on, disagree u numpties!!
Hicken  +   1431d ago
Not unless Microsoft wants to end their console run with the 720.
OMEGAZONE  +   1431d ago
Don't you think it's a bit low to use a picture of an Xbox fanboy as the article picture.
MoonConquistador  +   1431d ago
"The day when Sony or Microsoft have no optical drives in their consoles is the day I won't buy either of them"

That would maybe put me off buying a PS Vita, but its not the lack of optical drives, or loading speeds from a memory card that will influence my decision.

"If this is true, I will refuse to buy the next console and will go straight to the Playstation brand"

MS said they would be the first to go completely Digital Download, but its actually Sony who are ahead in delivering that type of service with the PS3, and now the Vita.

Pity neither of them can price it competitively enough (especially compared to disc based versions)

Amazingmrbrock said it all about the pricing of games needing to be at a premium, and at least the realisation that the premium you can charge has to change over the age of the product.

A lot of people blame the dev's/publishers for setting the prices of games on the PS Store/X Box marketplace, yet this doesnt seem to be the case on Steam. Maybe Sony and MS should work on these areas next rather than their next chipset.
bauer007  +   1431d ago
I hope so because peeps that buy secondhand games are cheap asses who are killing so many developers because they wont shell out money!
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Nodoze  +   1431d ago
Sony already tested the market with the PSPgo, and in short found out first hand the market is NOT ready for a digital only platform.

I for one hope that MS releases the 720 without an optical drive. Perhaps it will end their stay in the gaming world.
They would alienate every retailer as there would be no games to sell. They would alienate Gamestop as there would be no second hand audience. They would alienate all rental businesses (Gamefly etc). Most importantly they would alienate the gamers.

They do not realize how fickle the gaming audience is, I dare them to test this theory.
maverick40  +   1431d ago
you are so true! they probably wont be so stupid but you never know with microsoft.
IM_KINECTED  +   1431d ago
Microsoft wont leave the optical drive out of the next Xbox. I think they will work on the same format as the PS4 will, which is Blu Ray. I don't see them going in a totally different direction, most third party companies probably wouldn't want to put their games out on three different formats.

To those saying Microsoft wont use Sony tech on their console, Microsoft has PC's stock with Blu Ray drives, Microsoft uses CD tech and DVD tech which Sony owns patents too already. Blu Ray is cheap enough to put in the next Xbox.

Conversely we know Sony uses Skype in their console as well, so its very possible Microsoft will use Blu Ray.

I do think we'll see online passes for first party Microsoft games though, but I seriously doubt Microsoft goes digital only. There are almost 70 million Xbox 360's sold right now and only slightly more than half of those are connected and have Xbox Live accounts. Would Microsoft want to lose that many consumers?

Microsoft's biggest market is in the United States, where the internet isn't the greatest, the average is less then 10 MBPS. A lot of internet companies like mine are putting out download caps to help cope with the strain all this increased gaming, streaming, apps are putting on the internet.

Lastly, Microsoft has just captured the casual market, most of these types of gamers aren't on the internet at all or aren't tech savvy to hook up a console or pay for XBL.

No way does Microsoft put out a console without a drive, I also think the next console will be backwards compatible with 360 games and certainly Kinect. I don't see Microsoft screwing people like Sega used to by coming out with new hardware and not supporting older hardware or making it backwards compatible.

All these rumors are just that, rumors. I think the next console generation will be a lot like this one.
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DebateMaster  +   1431d ago
MS has to let sony use skype it was part of the agreement before they bought skype.
IM_KINECTED  +   1431d ago
It wouldn't have mattered, Sony used Windows in the Sony Vaio line of laptops, Microsoft uses DVD in Xbox 360's and Blu Ray in its PC's. They use each other in business all the time.

Blu Ray wont hinder Microsoft from a disk drive, its cheap now and effective.

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