Subtitles Should Be Standard On Next-Generation Consoles

Gaming Unwrapped Writer Tad De La Graza Wrote

Before the subtitles request, let’s backtrack a second here. The seventh generation of consoles introduced a number of designs and features that have forever changed how we play video games. We now have achievements/trophies and dlc, the former being introduced in almost every gaming platform out there in some form or another. Downloadable content has also introduced the idea of microtransactions and has become a completely separate revenue source for developers and publishers, going so far as to have their own design teams.

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GraveLord2469d ago

All my PS3 games have subtitles.....

littletad2469d ago

Most titles contain subtitles, yes. Some do not, however. The original Assassins Creed being an example.

will_c_752469d ago

I really want adjustable text I shouldnt have to sit two feet away from 60 inch tv to read the text, especially since they have done away with manuals

r212469d ago

yes, they must include subtitles from now on. im playing the first assassins creed and its hard trying to listen to what they're saying without making my volume super loud.