IGN- PlayStation Move Development Successes, Failures

IGN- "As we reported earlier this week, Sony revealed PlayStation Move's sales figures at a Move-centric GDC panel. Move has shipped 10.5 million units so far, which seemed to please Sony's Gabe Ahn during his discussion. But apart from the marketing-heavy speech at the beginning of the panel, those who attended were also treated to presentations from both Guerilla Games and The Workshop.

Guerilla Games, the Dutch Sony-owned studio best known for its Killzone franchise, put PlayStation Move into Killzone 3. Tommy de Roos, Killzone 3's lead game programmer, gave a short talk about how the studio went about including Move functionality into its game, along with some challenges his team managed to overcome and some successes that they celebrated."

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MsmackyM2443d ago

"He noted that, with Killzone 3's online features, players using Move were too strong, and that balancing was needed to level the playing field between Move and DualShock players."
De Roos
Unfortunately that sentiment is why I think a lot of developers shy away from adding Move controls to their FPS. Fanboys who swear up and down that dual analog controls are "teh best evar" will cry and moan at getting owned by a Move user, so developers just ignore it.

Virtual_Reality2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

But is hard to maneuver, once you get used to it with PS Move with custom settings, basically you have a bit more advantage over DS3 Players, because PS Move can do what DS3 controllers can't do, such as moving the weapon directly to get a headshot with more accuracy without moving the camera, while DS3 Players have to move the camera a bit with the right Thumbstick or R3.

MsmackyM2443d ago

The Move is definitely an advantage over the DS3, but that should not be a reason for developers not to use it. Innovation should never be halted because it is better it should be embraced. Also the Move is not an automatic easy win, it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

Virtual_Reality2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Hopefully this game will deliver a long and good campaign and replayability. They want to make this an Iconic game for PS Move.

I can see Sorcery 2 in development already.

gypsygib2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I have to admit that MS did a much better job with Kinect than Sony did with Move. I love Move in KZ3 and it's pretty good in Infamous 2 but it feels like it was never really supported. I'd love to see it in all major FPS games and I'd like some good Move only games.

I am a Move owner, I am disappointed

I do want to emphasize how amazing it is in KZ3 though, WAY better than any controller.

DigitalRaptor2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

MS definitely have supported their peripheral better than Sony, because for the amount spent on it (PrimeSense buyout, internal R&D, $500 million marketing & promotion), they simply must support it. I don't think Sony has invested/spent anywhere near the amount Microsoft has since they've been iterating on their Move tech for around 10 years, but the important thing to note, is that for the games that do support it, the best ones are (for the most part) better than anything on Kinect because of the freedom of control, and they are some of Sony's best games too.

I hope that Sony make a greater effort within their first party when it comes to Move. The device has GREAT third party support, but a lot of people want to see games made around it than simply support it.

DUST 514 is going to support it, and so will the LittleBigPlanet Karting game, BioShock Infinite and that mysterious 'DATURA' game (from the makers of Linger in Shadows) in 2012. I wouldn't say the list ends there though.