Metacritic’s Least Helpful User Reviews For Mass Effect 3

A collection of the least helpful (and craziest) user reviews seen on MetaCritic for Mass Effect 3.

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Criminal2470d ago

Hehe these were crazy and stupid.

TrendyGamers2470d ago

My favourite is the apples one.

cpayne932470d ago

lol same here, really didn't see that third line coming. I laughed a lot more at these than I thought I would.

lex-10202469d ago

My favorite was the COD one. Just the level of ignorance in that guys review is astounding.

Daver2470d ago

I never played any Mass effect but is Mass effect 3 ending that bad like people seem to insinuate?

Nimblest-Assassin2470d ago

And this is why metacritic is idiotic. People refuse to give logical scores to their reviews, hell most of those negative ones probably never played the game.

Except for the ones whom were dissapointed with the ending, all of those reviews were idiotic

Armyless2469d ago

Just remember, half the world has a below average IQ.

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Dante1122470d ago

Jamesfish05's review gave me a good laugh.

TrendyGamers2470d ago

Yeah, it was very 'original'.

LOGICWINS2470d ago

After I saw "as a competitive Call of Duty player" and "reavers"..I clicked the back button lol. The person who wrote that review is mentally unstable, very immature, very young, or a combination of all three.

TrendyGamers2470d ago

It is one of the funnier ones though.

Arksine2470d ago

Atleast they have seen Firefly (or Serenity at the very least).

Titanz2470d ago

If user reviews were more balanced (non-trollish), then we wouldn't have to rely so much on gaming journalist.

Pyscho_Mantis2469d ago

lol are you crazy you are saying all 900 of those reviews are trolls NO. The vast majority of players do not like ME3....go on the bioware forums over 95 percent want to change the atrocious endings....look at the other ME games they did not get "trolled" nearly as muh and this is because they were decent. ME3 is appaling in my opinion and the reviewers have clearly and I mean blatantly been paid.

No mention of any of the concerns like the same endings, the poor graphics and framerate, only two dialogue options, the ridiculous canon story you are forced to follow, hardly any rpg at all, multiplayer is required to finish singleplayer WTF and MP is a straight horde rip off I could go on and on.

OhMyGandhi2469d ago

how about people don't rely on reviews from sites like metacritic, and instead judge a game for themselves?

miamicanesruleall2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

If you don't like Mass Effect 3, you should look in the mirror and repeat these words... "I am a loser. I will always be a loser. I will die alone." And there you have it.

TheHater2470d ago

Then I guess "I am a loser. I will always be a loser. I will die alone."

God forbid that I don't like a over-hype game with questionable DLC's.

BTW, I prefer Mass Effect 1 over the other 2 ME games. The got too "casual" for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.