Next Xbox Rumored to Lack a Disc Drive, But is That So Shocking?

1UP- Rumors regarding the Xbox 360's successor are only going to become more frequent as we approach its announcement, whether that be coming at this year's E3, next year's, or some other point in time. The latest report suggests Microsoft's third home game console will ship without what has been a critical component in the past: a disc drive.

While many agree digital-only systems are the future, it's hard to imagine such a future occurring in 2013, which is when MCV says the new Xbox will arrive. A system without a disc drive would certainly be a step in that digital-only direction without completely abandoning those who still have to rely on physical media. While many gamers do live in areas where it can be hard to find a spot that is not within range of a Wi-Fi connection, nationwide (not to mention worldwide) broadband penetration is not what some believe it to be.

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Yi-Long2470d ago

... it means you won't be able to play your 360 games on the next Xbox, so when your 360 breaks down, you also lose a complete library of games!

I doubt the rumour is true, but if MS IS that stupid, it just means I won't join them next gen.

Megaman_nerd2470d ago

and anybody without an internet connection will not be able to enjoy it either.

Ghost2502470d ago

just keep your old system problem solved

mttrackmaster382469d ago

Did you not read what he said?

"when your 360 breaks down, you also lose a complete library of games"


Autodidactdystopia2469d ago


you should too. ;)

GraveLord2470d ago

It will have a disc drive.
Microsoft isn't stupid.

2470d ago
PS3ROCKS2470d ago Show
Ghost2502470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

don't care if it has a disc drive or not cause im not buying the next xbox. im perfectly content with my PS3. only next gen consoles im buying is a PS4 and maybe a wii-U. sorry but xbox doesn't offer me nothing that i can't get from other consoles. the only game i have for my 360 is MW2. needless to say it was probably a bad investment i made on my part. i have tried and do not care for Gears, Halo, Fable, Forza, or any other exclusive they have and i'm definitely not into kinect (or any other motion controls for that matter). but i digress the only way i'll ever buy another xbox console is if they make a true Banjo & Kazooie Game Or a Killer Instinct sequel. but i don't see those happening in the foreseeable future being that microsoft makes RARE work on kinect games which is sad.

Intentions2470d ago

Ok, i use to have Ps3 but i find no re playability with it the exclusives that you Ps3 fanboys talk about all the time is nothing, there is no re playability at all. I do enjoy them but only for one play through anything after that is nothing.

I have only played through uncharted 2 once, uc3 haven't even finished it etc.

And you say the only game u "had" on the 360 is mw2, while on ps3 it might be totally different (ie: mw3).

And i am prepared (don't care) that i will get disagrees because this is a ps3 fansite.

MySwordIsHeavenly2469d ago

It was an Xbox fansite from 2005 to 2010, so consider this payback. ;)

Ghost2502469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

@Intentions okay, i was just stating my reasons on why i will not buy the next xbox, no where in my comment did i bash xbox360. i kinda bashed microsoft (i guess) for not letting RARE make two particular games. so you calling me fanboy is pretty ignorant. your probably a fanboy cause you felt you needed to comment back like as if i disrespected you. typical fanboy behavior. i think people will disagree with you cause you just sound plain stupid tbh.

closnyc2469d ago

hahaha, am a pc gamer, but even I see that ps3 is way more hardcore and has more exclusives than deadbox...youre just being retarded here. As an elite master race gamer, i have way more respect for ps3 and its exclsuves than the money grabbing whorish model MS puts out its console.

tokugawa2469d ago

my sword is heavenly.

i first started looking at n4g in 2008, and it was an even worse ps fanboy site than it is now...and that is saying something

ghost, ok you didnt really need to write an essay. but i am the same as intentions. i have both consoles, and for me nearly all these sony exclusives that b4g fanboys go on about are forgettable.

outside of the fanboy fortress that is n4g, sony exclusives dont really mean fuck-all to the average gamer

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torchic2469d ago

@ closnyc

I might just build myself a PC to be part of the "elite master race gamers".

I really like the sound of that title ahahaha

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