Heavy Rain Director’s Cut makes a lot out of a little

Bill Jones writes: "It’s no secret that I love Heavy Rain. I found it to be one of the most innovative games of the last decade, and it earned a prominent spot among our Best Games of 2010. But did it really deserve a 'Director’s Cut,' as Sony Computer Entertainment recently gave it? Well, I ask – What else does it offer that the original did not already? Sony’s answer is as follows…
"In addition to the original game, the Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut comprises Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC, the Heavy Rain Original Videogame Score, new front-end menu and interface with built-in Move support, a series of eight “making of” bonus videos, three dynamic themes, 15 additional pieces of concept art and two bonus trailers. Let’s break this down."

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Ilovetheps42445d ago

Heavy Rain was such an amazing game. I platinumed it I enjoyed it so much. I was trying to find the Director's Cut but I couldn't find any stores that had it in stock so I ended up buying the regular version.

MySwordIsHeavenly2445d ago

Let's see here...

The Taxidermist was free when you pre-ordered it, so I have that already.

I bought the score before the game even came out...AND downloaded a copy of "Mars", the song they used in the main trailer. So, that's out. Who DIDN'T buy the score?!?

Move support for the menu? Alright. It's a great experience with Move already. I don't think navigating the menu slightly easier is enough to warrant another purchase.

Making of videos? Oooooh... YouTube. -_-

Three dynamic themes? You mean the ones we all bought because they were literally the only good dynamic themes available at the time? Alright.

Concept art and trailers. Hm...

No more DLC? No full-game commentary? Dang it, QD. You're better than this.

DigitalRaptor2445d ago

Full game commentary is asking a lot when the game branches out so distinctly.

Ghost2502445d ago

move was worthless i hate sony for having Quantic Dream make move controls instead of having the rest of the DLC come out that was suppose to tie up all loose ends in the story.

BitbyDeath2445d ago

What loose ends? I thought everything was sorted in the various endings?

Ghost2502445d ago

originally there was supposed to be about four dlc packs that were suppose to tell the back story of each character and tie into the main story. check this video out it will explain everything.

GezForce2445d ago

i actually enjoyed this game more using the move controller. gestures felt more intuitive.

Ghost2502445d ago

well i'm not into motion controls. but if you enjoyed move thats fine

tigertron2445d ago

I like move's implementation but Heavy Rain deserves more DLC episodes like the Taxidermist. It was brilliant.