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Is There A New Donkey Kong Game Coming to 3DS?

It's been a long while since we've seen a new Donkey Kong game. With only the odd re-make being released in recent years. Now forum members at DK Vine are speculating over a release of a new Donkey Kong title named Donkey Kong 3D! (3DS, Donkey Kong )

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ape007  +   1012d ago
yes yes, please , DK DK DK DK DK

DKCR Wii was freakin awesome
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Smashbro29  +   1012d ago
Only if you hacked in Classic Controller support.
Hisiru  +   1012d ago
I want it if it's another game like DKCR (retro studios already worked on the 3DS, so it's possible).

Seriously, I don't want another donkey kong game similar to the DS game.
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n4f  +   1011d ago
i dunno, its doesnt seem that your dk fan enought!!!11one /s
eagle21  +   1012d ago
DK!! Please be true. Also, sort of off topic....anyone notice the Nintendo Network logo on the Mario Tennis (3DS) box on USA amazon? That game releases in May! Could we get the Nintendo Network before E3? Hmmmmm...
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Samus HD  +   1012d ago
well logiced
from the beach  +   1012d ago
A new DKCR would be great - and could work really nicely with 3D.
Chrono  +   1012d ago
If it's a DKC, that would be great. Otherwise, I don't care.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1012d ago
Donkey Kong 64 2 would be amazing!!
AWBrawler  +   1011d ago
There's always room for some DK

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