Donkey Kong 3D spotted in EBgames

The game may not have been announced yet but that hasn’t stopped EBGames taking pre-orders for the rumoured Donkey Kong 3D.

The retailer was spotted with boxes for Donkey Kong 3D, Super Smash Bros 3DS and other Nintendo titles on display.

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2263d ago
LX-General-Kaos2263d ago

Its good to see that the Nintendo 3DS is staying consistent with its in house exclusive offerings. Keeping the Nintendo elite supporters entertained has been Nintendos profession for as long as gaming has existed.

This is just the beginning and us Nintendo fans will likely be treated to many more 1st class exclusive offerings as the months and years go on.

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Moerdigan2262d ago

Iwata is furious, I can hear the desk slam from here.

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