Are developers to blame for sexism in the fighting game community? [BeefJack]

Opinion: Aris Bakhtanians’ sexist and offensive remarks during Capcom’s Cross Attack event kicked up a justified storm. Is an apology from Capcom enough, or should they and other fighting game developers take more responsibility?

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ChrisW2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Geee... while we are at it, let's try to get the porn industry (another form of media) to apologize for "objectifying women"!

Bimkoblerutso2445d ago

It doesn't really matter how ridiculous it gets. There will always be a very, VERY loyal band of supporters for this kind of crap. Anytime it's brought up, you get the same ridiculously fallacious arguments: the "human form" argument, the "prudish American" argument, and the "inverted double-standard" argument.

It's a community that at once loves to ogle and quietly subvert women.

Flipgeneral2445d ago

Do you watch fighting game streams?

Are you basing what you said strictly off of that one moment?

I am a member of the FGC and this is bs how the community is being generalized and lambasted. Do more research, watch more streams (OTHER STREAMS), then after watching for a bit can you make a judgment

Bimkoblerutso2445d ago

No no, I wasn't trying to generalize EVERY fighter fan. I'm a fighter fan myself. But I have met people with the same mentality as Bahktanian.

You can see right up there, ChrisW, who is eager to write off ANY accusation of sexism as "hypocrisy," even in this case when it's as blatant as it can possibly be.

Flipgeneral2445d ago

Let me make one thing clear. Aris does NOT represent the fighting game community at ALL!!

He is one person (sub-human) who opened his yap and garbage spewed out.

my friends and I in the FGC did a face palm when he dropped those comments.

Why would you judge a community based off of what ONE person said? Please do not generalize a community like this. It is just very unfortunate that it happened to be on stream

VTKC2445d ago

So everyone in fighting game is judged in the same light just because some guy said some crap?! WTF. Sex sells. Is that so difficult to comprehend? Its like 2012 and that hasnt sunk in yet? Whats all this about complaining that female fighters are all exposed etc and male exposure of flesh is somewhat for a purpose? You want to see his penis or something? What the hell is this? Are you Islamic/Muslim or something? Such absolutley garbage journallism.

specialguest2445d ago

There will always be that one a-hole in all forms of competitive activities, whether it be sports or video games. Making the loosely based argument that some of these sexualized characters fuels this sort of behavior is weak in my opinion.

So the writer's solution is basically censorship. A cheap "band-aide" approach that doesn't address the real issue. This is b/s because this is no different than the media blaming the violent acts of a few on video games. Think about it for a second there.

Violent video games do not turn gamers into violent people. There have been many study's concluding that there were no links between violent video games and aggression. Of course most of we the gamers have known this already. Just as sexualized female characters do not turn gamers into a-hole sexist. There will always be people like Bakhtanian regardless of censorship or not. This kind of behavior stems much deeper and elsewhere than what the writer suggest is a factor.

Deadpool6162444d ago

I agree specialguest.

Aris Bakhtanians doesn't think before he speaks. Saying sorry isn't good enough considering how much of a backlash he caused for the fighting game community. This guy needs to be punished in some way to make an example to however else wants to act a fool. I don't care who he is. If one person makes the entire community look like creeps then he's not worth keeping around.

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