More proof that Sony/SuperBot's PS3 fighter is in the works

There appears to be a little bit of additional proof that SuperBoy/Sony's PS3 fighter is on the way.

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SquidBuck2296d ago

I'll be Parappa and challenge Kratos to a rap battle...........then he'll chop my head off lol!


just remember... "it's all in the mind"

clearelite2296d ago

if you want to test me, i'm sure you'll find!

blumatt2296d ago

No, "it's all in the hips, yeah. It's all in the hips." --Chubbs. bahahaha

Anyway, On Topic, I hope this news is true. An awesome exclusive fighter would be great. I hope the news from awhile back is true, about Sony getting a "Smash Bros" type game.

Ranma12296d ago

I love playstation and nintendo systems. but not xbox.

good thing i have a ps3

TXIDarkAvenger2296d ago


Your comment shows N4G is a bunch of Playstation fanboys.

kikizoo2296d ago

your comment is another proof that desperate xfanboyz are always on ps3 articles...and another proof that xfans and logic are not friends (because a gamer saying this simple thing, don't prove nothing... )

Legion2296d ago

It's the attack of the 1 bubble Fanboys. A quick pointless attack... but attack none the less. (like a chiuaua nipping at your leg)

Back on point there is nothing wrong with another game coming out for the gamers. And looks like those that are interested in fighting games are needing some love too.

Jejojaja2296d ago

What a unnecessary comment.

@kikizoo why must he be a xboxfanboy? he could be, like me, a ps3 gamer that hates fanboys.

OhMyGandhi2296d ago

congrats on owning a console. have fun.

MaxXAttaxX2296d ago

That's a false popular believe.

I could go to an Xbox exclusive article and reply to someone's comment saying that they prefer 360 over PS3 and claim that this site is run by Xbox fanboys just as easily.

JellyJelly2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

@AnimeAvenger - Your agree/disagree ratio solidifies it.

@NathanExplosion - Your six bubbles would be gone in 5 seconds if you did that :)

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FACTUAL evidence2296d ago

First dibz on Sly, Nariko, and sackboy.

Maddens Raiders2296d ago

it's not Nariko... it's Na - riiii - koooooo! 8D

Sev2296d ago

This is real and being announced at E3. That is all.

sinncross2295d ago


do you know if Sony has a bunch of ps3/ psv games to unveil at e3?

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FlyWestbrook2296d ago

Sony has a shitload of games they can announce at E3.

yesmynameissumo2296d ago

Yes they do. I think they'll be plenty of surprises this year.

sikbeta2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Waiting for the "skylinez vs wipeout craftz trolololol" responses -_-

WooHooAlex2296d ago

What are you talking about?

They could only potentially announce Gran Turismo 6, Title Fight, God of War IV, inFamous 3, whatever Naughty Dog is working on (besides The Last of Us), Killzone 4, or one of the other secret projects GG is working on. Perhaps a new Syphon Filter, Quantic's new game, Heavenly Sword 2, Media Molecule's next project. Or maybe Kojima will announce the PS3/Vita game hes been working on (the one he teased at the NGP unveiling.

Man, I'm excited for E3.

waltyftm2296d ago

That's an obscene amount of gaming goodness right there.

lover20122296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

only those games
what a lame lineup /s
it can't even come close to xbox360 lineup in 2012
we have
halo 4 and ...... !!?? and?? .... whitcher 2? ... wait i finished it on my pc ;)

Smashbro292296d ago

I wonder if 3rd parties will be in this.

oli2296d ago

could capcom be one? i say this because of the exlcusive characters on street fighter x tekken

Soldierone2296d ago

I don't see why not. They do it for Nintendo, plus they let Sony put it in that commercial. Plus a lot of the big icons (like Snake) are by companies that are in good relations with Sony.

Tonester9252296d ago

Wonder if they will have finishing moves. I could just imagine lol

-Alpha2296d ago

That'd be cool, I hope it's 3D party fighter like Power Stone instead of a 2D fighter

Smashbro292296d ago

It's been said its a Smash Bros. Style game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2296d ago

Yeah, I'd prefer it be 3D too. It would also lessen the Super Smash Bros comparisons.

Neoprime2296d ago

I would prefer if the party style was a mode to choose from, and have another mode like power stone, but the game it self should be like a UMvC3 or Tekken Tag, do something totally new.

M4I0N32296d ago

totally agree with you, 3D party fighter would be immense for all those characters :)

Tonester9252296d ago

Hoping for it to be like Def Jam Fight for NY/Power Stone style of gameplay too.

Legion2296d ago

Something does need to be done to revamp fighters. Many people love the classic side scrolling fighters... but I would be more interested in a direct interactive fighter game that would allow free roaming and multiplayer mayhem.

Kind of like RDR but with a fighting theme and located in China. Could have separate party areas like RDR where you can jump in and have rumble battles and 1 vs 1 competitions and such.

MaxXAttaxX2296d ago

It has a better chance of not suffering from balancing issues due to the different character styles.

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Titanz2296d ago

They'd rather beat Nintendo to the punch, because Smash Bros. Wii U will garner a lot of attention from the experienced gamer fanbase.

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